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Foundation Hazels

Welcome to Foundation Hazels!

Bringing pictures to life


This week the Foundation children will be bringing home some augmented reality colouring. As part of our 'Let's pretend topic' they have enjoyed using the iPads to make their fairy, dinosaur  and space pictures come to life! If you would like to see this for yourself then download the free Pukka Fun app .


We had fun 'holding' the dinosaur in our hand, following the fairies around the room and sending our astronaut into space.

Space launch

Still image for this video

ICT - Float and Sink


Can you predict if these items will float or sink? Test them by putting them in the water.

ICT - adding and counting on


Can you add the two groups together to find the total? Remember you can just say the first number then count on using the objects in the second group to find the answer.


Add together


Count on



This week we are continuing to experiment and explore, this time with light and dark.

In these games can you...


Find the light sources


Find the nocturnal animals



This week our butterflies hatched! They popped out of the chrysalis and fluttered around their nets. This afternoon we looked at them and some of us held them before we set them free to fly off and find a new home. the children were very keen to share the photos with you so here they are!



This term we are learning about the Circle of Life, how plants, animals and minibeasts change and grow.

This week we have looked at cress and sunflower seeds and learnt about the 5 things plants need to grow - soil, space, water, sun, air. We planted our cress and sunflowers and now we have to wait around 14 days for our cress to finish growing and our sunflowers to start to grow shoots and seedlings.

Goldilocks and Porridge


This week we watched the adults perform Goldilocks and the Three bears on our new stage in the garden. We have listened to the story and worked together to perform our own versions of the story acting and narrating for our audiences.


In literacy we learnt instructions and followed them to make porridge. Next week we will write our own instructions for the bear's house role play.


See our instructions and us making and trying porridge below-

Porridge instructions

Still image for this video



Today some of the children decided to make their own dances and really wanted to share them with you!



Creating our own bear hunts



This week the children have been using different crates, tyres and materials to create their own hunts.



They also turned on the light by making a circuit.



Great job!


Bear Hunt


Welcome back, we hope you all had a great holiday! This week we came back to school and discovered something extraordinary - footprints.


The children thought that they might be bear footprints and suggested we follow them. We tracked them all the way to the forest!




In the forest we found lots of small bears and a giant bear!! We brought the giant bear back to the cave in our role play to stay as we'd just read 'We're going on a bear hunt' and in that story the bear was sad at the end and couldn't find friends so we decided to befriend this bear.



We had a great time hunting in the woods.





Open morning and class treat


This week for our class treat we went to the forest to read Christmas stories, played on the climbing equipment and played games on the field. On the way to get ready for the forest we found a magic elf door! The elves had left a letter asking to see the santa letters we'd written. We followed magic elf dust and found a santa letter box in the forest where we posted our letters and had a party snack with our leftover party food. We had so much fun!

We loved sharing our books and learning from this term with our families and it was great to see such a big turn out of parents and grandparents.
Thank you for the lovely thoughtful Christmas card messages and presents we were all very touched. We hope you have a lovely Christmas and we'll see you in the new year!

Christmas Party


Thank you for all the food donations for our party. We had a fantastic time playing games, eating and dancing and celebrating Christmas together.

ICT - My family


Today we're using a website to create our own family portraits and talking about the similarities and differences between ourselves and others.

My Family

Comparing amounts


This week we have been estimating and counting groups of objects and then comparing them using the vocabulary 'more' and 'fewer' to describe the amounts. We have been practising working out 'How many more...?' were in the larger group.

We had an in class achievement assembly today as there was a STEM workshop for the KS2 in the hall. Well done to the children who have achieved their red reading certificate - these will be awarded in assembly next week.

Poppies and Red Readers


This week Emmey shared 'The story of the poppy' with us and we have been collaging our own poppies and then turned them into our own poppy wave on the window.



In assembly this week 34 Foundation children received their Red Reader certificate for reading at least 3 times a week for 5 weeks. Remember we just count the 'pink book band' books that are outside our classes at the end of the day, these are the only books that need to be recorded in the reading diaries. Library books are to share for enjoyment of reading and don't need to be recorded in the reading diary. Well Done to everyone who received their award today and I'm sure there will be more to come!

Divali and 'On my way home' journey characters


This week we loved seeing the amazingly imaginative posters and models the children created for characters who Claire might say hurt her knee. The children enjoyed sharing them with the class and talking about how they were made. You can see them all displayed outside Foundation, in our classrooms and in the KS2 hall outside the library.

This week we have been learning about the Hindu celebration of Divali. It's a festival of light so we used clay to create our own Diva lamps and learnt a song that is sung to celebrate the new year.

Using the internet and E safety


Today in ICT we used the internet to play a game all about counting and ordering numbers. We practised using a link to get to the page we needed and talked about how we can stay safe on the internet. We looked at Hector the dolphin who we can click if something goes wrong or if we are upset by something before getting an adult to help us.


Gingerbreadman game

Reward Cards and On way way home


Some parents have been asking for help understanding what our reward cards are for as the children have had some interesting interpretations of what they are, just in case you're not sure here's a recap:


Reading card

This is given when children are showing good effort and progress with their letter recognition and reading


Bronze, Silver and Gold cards

These cards are cumulative and are given when children show respectful behaviour in class linked to our school rules - being good listeners, being independent and on task, taking turns etc


Monkey card

These cards are given when children are demonstrating kind, friendly and helpful behaviour towards other children or adults.


Magic, Space ship, Planet cards (These cards are interchangeable with each other and mean the same thing)

These cards are given when children are showing good effort in their learning e.g. for excellent effort writing a cursive n in phonics, retelling our story in Literacy, careful adding or counting in maths etc


This week we have been reading On my way home by Jill Murphy. It's all about a girl called Claire who uses her imagination to tell fantastical stories to her friends about how she hurt her knee before telling her mum that she fell off a swing. We learnt a shortened version of the story using pictures and a story map to help us. Can you use the storymap below to retell the story to your family?

Forest School and Sukkot


This week we learnt about the Jewish celebration of Sukkot. We learnt how during Sukkot Jewish people build a Sukkah which is a 3 walled hut with a roof covered in leaves. They spend time in it for 7 days sometimes eating or sleeping in there. They decorate them with fruits and decorations. They say thank you to God for helping their family from long ago travel from Egypt to find new homes.


We went to the forest and collected leaves the size of our fingers to create our own Sukkah. Any leaves the size of our hand we used to create a giant Sukkah in the forest.

Our First Full Week


This week we continued to explore our school. We had our first P.E. lessons in the hall and practised finding spaces. We visited the ICT suite and found out about people who help us in school. We attended assembly with KS1 and practised our school fire drill.


We have been learning about rhyme, practising counting and letters this week. For more detail about our learning each week you can find information on our Autumn Curriculum Page.


Next week we will be visiting the forest on Monday. If you haven't brought in your wellies yet please bring them on Monday.