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Welcome to the Elm class page. I'm Miss Riggs and here we will be sharing pictures and information so that you can see what we've been learning in school and what super stars we are!

Exploring ice and water


This week we explored ice and water. We talked about how we can make ice and how we can melt ice. We talked about how we use water to make ice and how ice melts into water. Riley reminded us that we can also use other liquids - he's made blackcurrant ice cubes before! We also found different ways to get dinosaurs out of the ice using spoons to chip the ice, warm water to melt the ice and salt to change the freezing temperature. We mixed water and sand to make cement to create our own buildings in our builders role play and used the waterway to explore moving water in different ways.

(Water photos below, ice photos must still be on my camera - will add them next week!)



This week we are continuing to explore light and dark.

In these games can you...


Find the light sources


Find the nocturnal animals


Today your butterflies started to hatch Elms.

Messy Fun Day


The children had a fantastic time celebrating their 100 class points with our messy day today. We tried lots of different messy activities and loved Easter egg hunting!! We hope you all have a lovely Easter and look forward to seeing the children in the new term.

Minibeast Dances


This half term in our PE lessons, we have been looking at how different mini-beasts move. We have then turned this into a dance by exploring different movements and trying out our dances to music. All of the children had a go at the dance and showed great confidence in performing in front of the rest of the class- well done Elms!

Catterpillar to butterfly dance

Still image for this video

Ant Dance

Still image for this video



This half term we have been learning different songs and creating our own new verses for songs we've learnt.

Driving our Tractor Song

Parents evening, helping at home and class treats


Thank you to all the Parents who came to Parents evenings this week. It was great to be able to share all the progress the children have made since starting Foundation and they were very excited to get the chance to share their books with you.


Some parents asked about resources to help support learning at home. Here are just a few that might interest you.


Tricky Words – Here is a fun game that lets you match them first then move on to finding them just from the sound of the words. They're on a bus, train and plane which then drive/fly off when you complete them.

Phase 2 (Autumn term words)

Phase 3 (Spring term words - These will be coming home as homework next week)

Phase 4 (Summer term words - We'll learn these next term)


Reading - Here is a website called 'Teach your monster to read'. It's engaging and interactive and includes a monster avatar. It does letter sounds then blending words, tricky words and sentences. The website is free. There is also an app that you normally have to pay for but that is free until Sunday 26th on google play store, amazon and apple app stores.


We use this game in class to practise our blending skills called Buried Treasure. It lets children practise reading real words and blending 'alien nonsense words' in a fun game.


On the school website there are a selection of other games linked to our learning that you might find helpful or just fun!


Class Treat

The Elms are 4 points away from their class treat. We're probably having a messy fun day on the last day of term. We're just finalising the details (and getting the points we need!) and then a letter will come home with all the details.


Today Foundation stage went on our trip to Pennywell. We have been learning all about growth and change and today we got to see lots of animals in all stages of growth.


We had good weather, great fun and very well behaved children. Have a look at our photos below!


A massive thanks to our parent helpers who were invaluable today. We couldn't do trips without you and I really appreciate all the help you gave us today! Thank you.



This week as part of our topic about growth and change we started to look at minibeasts. We read recounts of minibeast hunts and went on our own hunt! We found slugs, snails, worms, woodlice and even a centipede!

World Book Week


This week we celebrated world book week. The Elms shows us their super models and posters they created  about their favourite book characters. Thank you for all the fantastic entries!!


Well Done to Erin our class winner!

The Elms all looked fabulous dressing up for world book day and loved having all the parents and grandparents read stories to them. Thank you to everyone who came in to read!





We had great fun trying different pancake toppings!



This week we have started a new topic - The Circle of Life! We have started to talk about and look at how plants cross and change. We planted our own sunflowers and cress and we're watching how they grow.

Chinese New Year


This week we learnt about Chinese New Year in Foundation. The children had a fantastic time learning to count and sing in Chinese, as well as learning about how Chinese New Year is celebrated. In their free choice time, the children had a go at making Chinese dragons and masks, as well as writing their own Chinese New Year cards and our class names in Chinese! We also looked at traditional Chinese ribbon dances and had a go at making up our own.


The Elms have worked so hard this half term and we are really proud of how far they have come with their learning. We hope you have a relaxing week off and look forward to seeing all the children refreshed on the 20th.

Ribbon Dance

Still image for this video



This week in Literacy we have continued our Bears topic with Goldilocks and the 3 bears. We have read Goldilocks and some non-fiction instructions about how to make porridge! Next we decided to make our own porridge. We followed the instructions to find out how.

First we added some oats

then we added milk

next we mixed it together

after that we heated it to cook it

Finally we ate it!

All the Elms tried it. Well done Elms. A few Elms decided they don't like porridge, most of the Elms said they do like porridge.

Welcome back!


We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for all the homework that has been sent in. It's clear the children have been doing lots of learning during the holiday.


For the first 2 weeks of term we have started our new 'Bears' topic with some Bear Hunting! We read 'We're going on a bear hunt' by Michael Rosen and then one morning we saw something strange in our garden!



The children had lots of ideas about what could have made the footprints and thought maybe we should follow them! This started our own bear hunt.



We followed them across the playground, down the hill, up the path and into the forest!


We searched through the woods and found lots of little bears and in a little den a giant bear!



We had so much fun!

This week used the bear hunt as inspiration to write our own 'hunt' stories. The children had lots of ideas including toy hunts, dinosaur, lion, crocodile, monkey and unicorn hunts and many more!


If you were hunting what would you look for?

Merry Christmas!


This week have had lots of fun! We've made our own crowns for our party, played games and had lots of food! Thanks for all the donations for the party. We had so much fun!


We had a super carol afternoon in our Christmas jumpers and we all performed Donkey Plodding from our Wriggly Nativity.


To finish off our term we had a visit from a magician for a super show!!


The Elms have all brought home Christmas bags with things they have made as well as some Christmas homework so they can practise the things they've learnt this term.


I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and will see you in the New Year!!


9th December


Wow Elms! You have been amazing this week. You sang your hearts out, spoke your lines and danced your dances so brilliantly. We are so proud of you and  all the enthusiasm, confidence and joy you put into each performance!


2nd December


This week we had our class treat. All the children have worked together to earn 100 class points! They earned them by collaborating as a class to do tasks together like line up quietly, listen and be ready to learn, sing their Nativity songs confidently and more. The children voted on their own suggestions for a treat and chose a Cinema afternoon! They had fun watching a film with popcorn and their drinks.


Costumes - Thanks to all the parents who sent in costumes for our Nativity. If you haven't sent one in yet we have the Herald visiting for photos on Tuesday so if we could please have them in by then that would be fantastic. If you're having trouble finding a costume just let us know and we'll see what we can sort out for you.


Party - There is a food list for our class party on the 13th in each classroom. We will be putting them out for people to sign up for an item to bring. If they're not out feel free to remind us! :)


Nativity -  We're really looking forward to showing you what we have been working on next week!!

14th November


Today we will be sending home costume letters for the Nativity. These letters will let you know your child's part in the Nativity and what sort of costume they will need. If your child has been given a speaking part, they will also be bringing their lines home with them today. We would be grateful if you could help your child to learn these lines- they have also been given the line before theirs to help them to learn their cue. Some children will be dancers and they will be learning their dance in the coming weeks.

4th November


This week we have started a new topic - Celebrations. We will be looking at different celebrations from different religions and cultures and talking about what is the same or different from how we celebrate with our families.


This week we talked about birthdays and celebrated the children who had birthdays in the holidays or before they joined school. We spotted that a birthday party is happening in the home corner!


We also talked about the Hindu celebration of Divali. It's a festival of light. We made our own diva lights and learnt a Divali song.

Divali Song

21st October


This week across the school we have had inter-class competitions in each year group. For Foundation this was a Wake and Shake dance off to a cowboy dance we have learnt. All three classes participated and the class with the best participation won. We came 2nd! Great job Elms. Well done to the May class who had the best joining in across the year group - well deserved 1st place.

Wake and Shake dance off (Elms are part way in)

Still image for this video

14th October


This week the children have enjoyed experimenting with our new waterway. They have used their critical thinking skills to plan and experiment with where to put different pipes and tubes. They have had a lot of fun using the pipes to tip the see-saw guttering in different directions.

We also had our first fire drill this week. The Elms were all amazing! They quickly and sensibly lined up and walked to the top playground. They now know exactly what to do in case of a fire alarm. Well done Elms, I'm so proud of you!

7th October


This week we have been for our first visit to the forest! The children who had been with Willows shared the safety rules and boundaries with the rest of us. We had learnt about Sukkah's and how Jewish people make them to use and sometimes stay in during the Harvest festival of Sukkot. We began to create our own Sukkah in the forest and collected leaves and twigs to bring back to class to create our own Sukkahs.

Here are some of the Sukkahs we made...

Welcome to Woodford

Class of 2016-17


Welcome new Elms! It has been great getting to know you and starting to learn together. We will be sharing more about our learning here soon!


Miss Riggs


Summer Term

22nd July - Last post of the year!


I was so touched today by the lovely scrapbook you all made me and the thoughtful gifts and comments. I will treasure my scrapbook always! I have loved teaching you all and I will miss you. I'll look forward to hugs in the playground as you move onto your new teacher and class. I know you'll all love Mrs Chivers and have a fantastic time in year 1.


Thank you for all the support you have given us over the year. I really appreciate it and I'm sure I'll see some of you again when the next generations reach Foundation!


I'll leave you with some photos of our last week - Woodford's Got Talent and Class treat toy day.


Enjoy the summer and come back raring to go in Year 1! I'll meet you in the KS1 road playground on the first morning back :D


Love always

Miss Riggs

Healthy Week - Day 5


This morning we started the day with some relaxing peer massage. We talked about how we should always ask our partner before we do peer massage if they are happy for us to touch them. We talked about how it's always okay to say no if someone asks to touch you and you don't want them to and about how we can change our mind if we don't like how something feels.


We very carefully used some simple movements to massage our arms, lower legs, faces or backs. The ELms were all very careful to use gentle, kind hands.

Next we talked about which foods we thought were healthy or unhealthy - we weren't sure about all the foods to start with! We sorted the foods into different groups - foods we can eat whenever we want (fruit and veg), foods we can eat some of the time and foods we should only eat occasionally (mostly treat foods like cake, chocolate, chips etc). By the end of our sorting the Elms were getting really good at it!


We then looked at some real foods and started to prepare them to make our own lunch for the day. We made our own wrap or roll making choices about the things we wanted to put in it and trying to use some healthy ingredients. We then ate the super lunch we'd made. For dessert we made our own fruit salads.


I was really proud of the Elms for trying new foods even if it turned out they didn't like them!

Healthy Week - Day 4


This morning we had a talk from the road safety officer about how to safely cross the road. We talked about the safest places to cross the road and the people who can help us with this.

After that we went down to the forest and used our imaginations and the things we found in the forest to create our own potions. The Elms had amazing ideas about what they do - shrink things, scare away bears, turn you into a robot, make you disappear, make you invisible and so much more!!
Sports Day


Well Done to all the Elms who put their all into sports day today!


Flat race winners - Amelia C, Tilly, Lucie, Ryan, Paycee, Zak, William and joint winners Libby and Amelia W with the closest finish I think I ever had in a race and again in the run-off!

Mr Wotton will present your medals in assembly.


Sack Race winners - Corey, William, Paycee, Lucie, Amelia C, Anya, Kaci and Matthew


Javelin best throws - Lucas, Lucie and Phoebe


Winning overall team - Paige, Corey, Joshua, William, Evie, Paycee and Phoebe.

Healthy Week  - Day 3

This morning we did some yoga. We watched a cosmic yoga story about Tiny T-Rex who wasn't cleaning his teeth properly and had to learn how to be healthy. We copied different stretches and poses and learnt to relax.
We were really excited to get to use the climbing equipment!
We made up our own chants and used pompoms and actions to create our own cheers!

Our Cheers

Still image for this video
Some of us got a little camera shy!
This afternoon we went on the balance bikes and scooters on our new playground where we will wait in the morning when we are in Year 1. Some of rode the bikes whilst the others controlled the flow of traffic with the traffic lights and as police.

We finished the day with some creative activities. The Elms loved using a pictogram/tally chart to find out our favourite fruits.




Some of the Elms created their own healthy lunchboxes.





Healthy Week - Day 2


We learnt the game of Goalball which is played by blind and partially sighted children. We closed our eyes and used blindfolds to play this game using a ball with a bell in to listen for where the ball was.
We talked about babies and their parents matching lots of animals together. We talked about how some look similar and some look different when they grow up. We made our own animal baby books.
We learnt lots of terms to sue when playing golf. Tee, bunker, green, birdie and bogie! Then we played team games where we had to try to hit our golf balls onto the different coloured cones to score points. Well done to the winning team of girls!

Healthy Week - Day 1


Today we have done lots and lots of activities. We have taken photos to show you what we have been doing but lots are 'action shots' and may be a little blurry!


We started the day learning some Taekwondo moves including ducking, jumping and air punches. We played games to improve our reflexes and teamwork. We also used pads to practise our kicks.

We met Sunshine Sam who didn't know how to stay safe in the sun!

We helped him to get ready for a sunny day and we're currently making our own sun safe bears too.

After snack we used the Wii to practise our dancing. We danced to lots of Disney music. We picked our own teams and found out who was best at copying the dance moves!

This afternoon we practised for sports day - you can see us practising the Javelin.


Sports Day is Thursday afternoon from 1.30pm on the field. Parents sit on the side of the field and bank to watch so you may want to bring a blanket to sit on.

Healthy Week Timetable


*The Faith Centre had to cancel Hindu dance, instead we're going to use the climbing equipment in the hall. I'm sure the children will be really excited by this as they often ask about it!


*Cooking - we are going to be preparing our own lunch. We will be making our own rolls or wraps with different fillings and salad items. We also be making our own fruit salad desserts.

1st July


This week we visited Year 1 to meet our new teacher! Next year we will be in Fir class with Mrs Chivers.

Mrs Turner will be our teaching assistant.

We had a lot of fun doing a range of activities.

17th June


Last week a fairy garden appeared in Foundation ... but with no fairies! Lauren shared her book about fairy doors with us and it told us we needed to write letters to invite the fairies in. Lots of the children wrote letters requesting boy or girl fairies to come and stay and this week we came into school to find the garden now has both boy and girl fairies!


We also went into space with our own space station role play. We have made and spotted lots of aliens this week and talked about Tim Peake the British astronaut who has just been in space.


Where will your imagination take you?

15th June


This term we have started a new topic called 'Let's Pretend'. We're using our imagination to help us to explore different settings like under the sea and space! Today in ICT we will be using our imagination to create our own aliens.


Can you click on the link and then scroll down until you find Lecky's alien friends.


10th June


This week was global week. We have been learning about Ireland and Northern Ireland. We learnt how to say hello and goodbye in Irish. We listened to stories about Irish folklore and made our own traps for Leprechauns.



In the morning our treasure was gone and there was magic dust left!



In assembly Phoebe introduced our class by saying hello in Irish. We performed a song about Leprechauns which you can hear below. Stanley led some of the Elms in counting to 10 in Irish and Zak ended our part of the assembly by saying goodbye in Irish.

Elms 5 leprechauns 2016.mp3

We also had great fun making - and eating! Irish Soda bread. All the Elms tried it - I'm proud of you all :D
We had a go at Irish dancing!

Irish dance 2016.mp4

Still image for this video

27th May


Here we are experimenting with bubbles!

We found out that different shaped bubble wands still make bubbles that are spheres. Mrs Hancock showed us how to make bubbles that are 3D shapes by using a frame and a straw. We blew bubbles that were cuboids and cubes. The Elms loved trying to pop the bubbles before I'd finished by blowing really hard.

13th May


This week we have been learning about floating and sinking. We tested different materials and objects predicting if they would float or sink.

We used different materials to make our own boats and tested them to see if they would float. Some of the Elms recorded what they'd found out. Stanley found a special rock that didn't sink - it was a pumice rock.
Mrs Hancock got us somethings to show some super science! We put raisins into some fizzy water and the bubbles in the fizzy water made the riasins float then sink as the bubbles rose and then popped. The Elms were fascinated by this.

We also read some take away problems. There were 7 children on the bus and 3 got off. How many were left? We talked about different strategies we could use to help us solve them. The girls drew pictures of people, then switched to dots to represent children and record the number sentence 7 - 3 = 4. We also used a number line to count back to find the answer.

Super counting!

10th May


This week we are investigating floating and sinking. Have a look at these objects - do you think they will float or sink?

This afternoon we will be using water to test objects around the class.




3rd May


This week we are experimenting with different materials.


29th April

26th April


This week we are looking at water and ice and how we can change them. In ICT we are going to be using a game to show how you can heat and cool different things and see how they change.


19th April


As part of our 'I wonder...' topic this week we are investigating light and dark. In Literacy we have been talking about light sources.


Can you find the light sources in this activity?


This week we have also been talking about nocturnal creatures. Can you find the animals which come out at night?

15th March


Our caterpillars grew a lot last term and went into their cocoons. Over Easter they hatched, so this week we had a look at them, some of us held them and then we set them free!

Some of you might have seen them flying off the deck.

Our new topic 'I wonder...' is all about asking questions, testing predictions, experimenting and discovery. We have a new science lab role play and this week we have been making our own telephones, using colour chromatography to discover how colours are made and looking at magnets.
In creative we have been experimenting with how we can use different materials and combine them to create the effect we want. This week we have been making our own instruments and using playdough to create our own creatures.

Our new topic is 'I wonder..' and we will be asking lots of questions and experimenting to find our own answers.


Today in ICT we are looking at how to look after a dog. Look at the dog and see what behaviour he is showing, predict what you think he might need. Try your idea and see if you are right.


Spring Term

24th March


Today we had a super surprise - one of the caterpillars from the Oaks came out of it's cocoon as a butterfly! Hopefully ours will hatch soon. I'll post a picture if they do.


We had a lovely last day with Freddie today and sent him off to his new school with Woody the dog as his new companion. We'll miss you Freddie but we know you'll make lots of new friends!


Enjoy your Easter everyone - don't eat too many Easter eggs!


Here are the photos from our class treat last week. We had so much fun on the field, climbing equipment and in the forest. It was a well deserved treat.

21st March 2016


In maths today we have been learning about pattern. For ICT we used an Easter egg decorating game to see if we could decorate an egg with a repeating pattern.



Can you recognise and complete these patterns -



Class treat photos coming soon!


10th March


Today we went on our class trip to Pennywell Farm.

First we fed the deer and rode on the train. The deer licked the food off our hands, they kept trying to climb through the fence to get the food.

Next we held the mini pigs and stroked them. They were very cute.

Then we we fed some different kinds of goats. The angora goats had a soft woolly coat. We also saw a very big Shire Horse.

After that we got to milk a goat called Primrose. She didn't want to put her head in the milking stand to start with and we had to use food to show her where to go. Pennywell use her milk to feed some of the baby goats and Hamish told us he drinks goat milk too.

Next we met the little animals - a chick, rabbit, guinea pig, tortoise, hedgehog and mouse. We fed them carrots and lettuce. We got to stroke them and hold them. The guinea pig got scared and pooed on the floor!

Then we went to meet the chickens. We looked in their houses and found lots of eggs! Each group collected some eggs and when we added them altogether we'd collected 25 eggs! We found out that hens only lay 1 egg a day.

Finally to finish off our day we mixed up some special baby goat milk and then we bottle fed the lambs. They were very greedy! We finished by meeting a 2 day old baby goat that was so cute Miss Riggs wanted to take it home.


We had a fantastic day. The Elms really enjoyed themselves, they were really good listeners and were so well behaved. They were a real credit to the school and to you. I was so proud of them.


A big thank you to all our parent helpers today and to everyone who volunteered that we couldn't take along. We couldn't do these trips without you and we really appreciate your time and support.


Here are our photos of the day-

7th March


In ICT today we are looking at farm animals ahead of our trip to Pennywell.


Help the lost baby animals find their mothers.


Match the animal to it's call.


Make animal music using the sounds they make.


In phonics today we learnt the 'er' digraph. The Elms enjoyed this game where they had to decide which word had the 'er' digraph in it. The other word had an 'air' trigraph in.


'er' sorting game.

4th March

This week as part of our Circle of Life topic we were lucky to have a visit from some pets and their family! They showed us

-Their tortoise - Tiny who loves to eat strawberries.

-Their blue tongued skink, a lizard from Australia. He stuck his tongue out and we could see it really is blue.

-Their new pet, an uromastyx lizard - he likes to eat sweet potato and carrots.

-Their bearded dragon, he eats locusts - we got to see the locusts too!

-Their gecko, a lizard, who eats mealworms and doesn't blink so he licks his eyeballs to keep them clean. We had a go but none of our tongues were long enough to reach our eyes.

-Their corn snake from America who likes to eat mice and have a bath


-Their ball python which is little right now, shorter than Miss Riggs arm but when it finishes growing it will be taller than her - about 6 feet tall.


You can see the animals in the picture below. The Elms were fascinated by the skin the snakes shed whilst they grow.


Thank you so much for visiting with Foundation and sharing your animals with us! We learnt a lot about different animals.

This week we also celebrated World Book Day. When we heard a special bell we all ran to find our favourite book, thanks for sending them in for us to read! We had different times during the day where we looked at our books and shared them with friends.


We also looked at the story What the ladybird heard by Julia Donaldson and did some freeze framing. The Elms looked at a picture from the book and all posed as one of the characters. We froze and then when Miss Riggs unfroze some of us we had to pretend to be the character and say what we thought they'd say or what they were thinking.


The Elms had some lovely creative ideas. What a great World Book Day!

26th Feb


This week the Elms came back from their holidays with lots of amazing book reviews showing where their imagination could take them! I could see all the time, thought and effort that had gone into the homework. Well done to everyone who took part.


In the Elms we took the time to share each book review and talk about what book we'd read and the pictures/models/story boxes we'd created. There were so many creative ideas.


Some of the Elms shared their books with us too so we read the stories as well.




The Elm class and Foundation stage winner was a very creative story box based on Tiddler. You can see it on display at the book fair after school Monday to Wednesday next week.



Runners Up


We chose one runner up from each group. They had amazing ideas from hand painting to create trees, rocket models, rainbow imagination models, sparkly drawing/sticking and golidlocks story scenes. They all got a prize for their super entries.

Our Book Reviews


Everyone who entered stood up in front of the class and talked about their entry. I was so proud of you all! Everyone got a sparkly sticker. Well Done Elms!

Next Week is World book day. On Thursday the Elms can bring in a book from home to read/look at during the day. Please make sure all books have a name inside so we can make sure they get returned. Thanks.


We have filled our class points chart! The Elms have worked together and collaborated on tasks such as tidying, sitting or lining up quietly, changing ready for P.E or Forest school and more. They voted on their different ideas for treats and the winner was ... A teddy bear picnic! Because we have World Book day this week and Pennywell the week after this is likely to happen in a couple of weeks. I will send you home a note to let you know when. The Elms will have a picnic lunch from the kitchen that day and will be able to bring their bears/cuddly along. (You can provide a packed lunch is you wish.)

12th February


This week we have been learning about how people celebrate Chinese New Year.


We learnt that lanterns are used as decorations and that the 15th Day of Chinese New Year is a special Lantern festival.










We learnt that time is measured using the Chinese zodiac, each year is named after an animal. We read a story about how they chose the order of the Years with a swimming race.


The dragon is important to Chinese New Year and lots of parades have dragons. We made our own dragon puppets...




and masks!










We tried on different traditional Chinese clothes and hats and listened to Chinese music.


We created our own Chinese ribbon dances.








We also made our own Chinese hats and learnt about a 3D shape - the cone.









We learnt that in China instead of writing from left to right like we do in England. Writing starts at the top of the page and moves downwards. We had a go at writing our class names in English and Chinese.


Espresso - Chinese New Year Content


Below are photos of us ribbon dancing - some of them are blurred due to our fast movements!

5th February

As part of our ICT we began to learn about animation and how we can use pictures to tell a story. We drew a picture then changed it slightly each time.


Most of our stories were about a bear eating his porridge but some Elms had their own ideas about fires, trains and flowers.


Unfortunately uploading them using the websites photo section prevents the animated gifs from showing you the animation but you can see the first picture the Elms drew and I'll have a think about if there is a different way to make them work.