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Welcome to the Elm class page. I'm Miss Riggs and here we will be sharing pictures and information so that you can see what we've been learning in school and what super stars we are!

School closure - Learning at home

While children are learning at home we will be updating this section weekly with new resources that you can use to support learning at home.

Communication - you can communicate with us and ask questions and get support through our Tapestry and class dojo accounts.

Sharing learning - please share 1 literacy and maths photo each week on Tapestry or Dojo, you can share any extra learning too as we love to see what the children are learning and doing

Resources - Here are some phonic/literacy activities and maths activities that you can use to support your child's learning.

13th June


This is the last week of term and transition week! Miss Aldridge your new Hazel class teacher will be posting on your dojo this week.


Below are links to the Literacy and Maths activities children will be completing in school/edu care this week. (We will not be adding photos of our learning in class this week and you do not need to share photos on your dojo if you are learning at home.)


Creative challenge - create a self portrait just like we did in the first week of Foundation!


Tapestry - Remember to download your tapestry journal by Friday 17th when your account will be deleted.


6th June


Remember - Only complete these activities if you are not in school/educare during the week.


Literacy - One page profile - this is a transition activity to share with our new class teacher Miss Aldridge. You can write the answers your child says if needs be. Please do this activity before any of the others.

Maths - subtraction

Creative challenge - Can you find something that looks like a letter and take a photo of it? (If you can find more than one you could make a word, it can be just one letter though!) Deadline - Wednesday lunch


Transition to next classes -

We will be setting your Tapestry so you can download your learning journals during the week so please do not upload anything else to your journal, please use your dojo portfolio instead.

Dojo - this is the last week we will ask you to upload your learning to dojo as it will be transferred to your new class teacher by Monday 13th. Next week we will only add the learning activities here on the website.

Check ins - this will be the last week for check ins on dojo as your new teacher will have your dojo from the 13th and will begin to introduce themselves from then

Reports - your child's end of year report will be added to your dojo on Friday 10th July.

P.E. kit - from Year 1 children have coloured P.E. t-shirts for which house team they are in. Siblings will be in the same coloured team. We will be sorting the teams during the week and will let you know which team your child is in.

29th June


Literacy - Think about making your own magic potion. You can actually make one if you have time! List the items you would use in the cauldron. Write a short sentence about what it would do. 'It will...'

Maths - Adding groups together you can do this with fingers, objects or using pictures on the optional worksheets.


Creative challenge - Can you make a picture using printing - you could use different vegetables cut into shapes, sponge shapes or the bottom of bottles to make different flower shapes. How will you make your prints? Deadline - Wednesday at lunch.

22nd June

The home learning will still be put on the website each week so that children can continue with home learning if they are not attending school yet.
This learning will be covered in school on Mon/Tues or Thurs/Fri and activities on the same objectives will be covered during the week in Edu care. Please do not complete these activities at home if your child will be attending Foundation/Edu care.


If your child is learning at home:

-There will be 2 literacy activities and 2 maths activities covered in school on the same objective which will be uploaded here. You can chose to do all the activities at home or can pick one literacy and one maths activity depending on what you feel is best for your family.

If your child is attending school/educare for their home learning could we ask you to please do the following activities:
• Numbots/Squeebles app to practise maths
• Spelling shed to practise spellings
• Reading – books on Tapestry/Oxford Owl
You do not need to share photos of your learning linked to these on Dojo/Tapestry. If you do add learning to Dojo/Tapestry we will only be approving posts on a Wednesday and may not comment on all posts. Priority will be given to posts from children not attending school.

If your child is continuing with home learning/in Edu care we will be doing their check in videos on a Wednesday.

15th June -


Literacy - This week we're doing a 'what happens next...' sentence. I've given you 8 different scenarios or story starters to choose from. Pick ONE and have a go at writing a sentence about what might happen next, what you or the character might see or say or do. Use your imagination! With 8 to choose from hopefully one will spark your interest, if not feel free to come up with your own family story starter or scenario and tell us what would happen next.


There are new books for everyone on Tapestry still this week but from next week I will have shared all the books I had taken photos of. You can still re-read any of the books that are on Tapestry. From next week I will be adding a reading activity here instead - Either caption reading and matching or simple read and colour comprehensions to take us up to the end of term.


Maths - This week we're taking away by counting back. This can sometimes be confusing and a little tricky for children so don't worry if it takes a little practising.


Creative Challenge - Make a sea creature - you choose which creature and how you will make it - recycled modelling, drawing, clay, painting ... what will it be? The deadline is Wednesday lunchtime.


8th June


Literacy - This week we are having an alphabet hunt for our activity. What things can you see around you that start with the different sounds of the alphabet. Children absolutely do NOT have to find and write something for every letter. You can do this activity indoors or take a notepad/clipboard out for your exercise and do it as a family activity taking in turns to write words of different things you spot.


Maths - This week is all about counting on from a number to add. It's really common for children to mistakenly say the first number when counting on e.g. when adding 7+3 to say 7,8,9 instead of 8,9,10. To help with this we encourage children to put the first number in their head by touching their forehead and saying the first number, then counting on. End of year expectation is for children to add two single digit numbers so 9+9 would be the highest calculation.


Creative challenge - Woodford bake off! Be as creative as you like, what will you create. Deadline - Wednesday lunchtime.

1st June

As we move back to Woodford for Edu care this week Miss Agambar and Miss Riggs will be running the FS/KS1 Edu care so this will mean some changes to the way we have been running/organising our home learning.


Monday and Tuesday – Miss Agambar will be approving and commenting on both Oak and Elm posts on Dojo and Tapestry.


Wednesday – This week Miss Agambar will be supporting home learning, next week Miss Riggs will and it will rotate each week.


Thursday and Friday - Miss Riggs will be approving and commenting on both Elm and Oak posts on Dojo and Tapestry.

 All check ins for Elm will now be on these two days.

Thurs – Blue and Orange grps

Fri – Green and Red grps


If you need support, you can choose to send a direct message to whomever is supporting learning that day or to message your own class teacher, but they may not respond until their next home learning day.


I know some of you have been sending photos and learning through the direct messages however only that teacher can see them  so we would ask you to please only send photos through the Dojo portfolio or Tapestry, whichever you prefer.

Guide to set it up -     (Portfolio part is at 3mins 56)

For this week's Literacy we are asking children to write a simple letter. On page two there are 3 simple sentences/sentences starters with suggestions of words they could attempt. If  your child would like to send a letter to their friend, if you upload to Tapestry, we can tag their friend in so they can see it.

18th May

Message in a bottle!

Still image for this video

This week we discovered a messaged in a bottle! We think it might be a treasure map!

For Literacy this week we'd like you to label the map we found or create your own treasure map!


Creative challenge: Create your own shadow art! Deadline - Wednesday lunch.

We've been so impressed with how creative you all are!!

11th May


This week for Literacy we have different pictures for children to think of a sentence and write. So children have a choice there are multiple pages in the file, you only need to do 1.


Creative Challenge - Create a Spring time picture in any way you like, using natural resources you find during your daily exercise or through using your imagination and paint, pencils etc.

4th May


This week we have added our tricky word songs onto Tapestry, these might help your child with Spelling Bee level 2, 4 and 5.

We have had some requests for specific resources, including more practical ways to engage children and practise phonics. You can find these on a new tab at the top of this page, these are entirely optional, extra activities that are there if you need them.


Online Phonics games - Choose any in Phase 3 and if your child can do those independently, phase 4

APP - Teach your monster to read - will practise what they need in a game based way


Creative challenge - This week we would like you to re-create your Class Dojo avatar.You could draw a portrait or paint your avatar, make a 3d model or a collage-be creative! Deadline Wednesday lunch.

27th April

Thank you for all the super learning you have been sharing with us, we really enjoy seeing it all and look forward to seeing your learning this week.

Mrs Sprague will be sharing some videos on Tapestry to teach us all some Makaton starting this week.

Creative challenge: Draw a picture with crazy hair, what different shaped lines can you use?

(Deadline, Wednesday lunchtime.)

Numbots - Most children find the free app easier than the website if you can access it.


Username: childsfirstname.lastname

Password: 123

The levels may take time to pass as they are timed, this is okay and it may take may tries to pass a level. If your child is finding it difficult to pass a level and it is causing too much frustration it is okay to practise earlier levels to build fluency. You can also let us know and we can remind your child about using our resilience skills.

Spelling Shed - Let us know if you need your child's password. Don't forget you need to click on 'More lists' to find our WPS FS lists.

20th April


If you have seen the newsletter on Friday you will see we are asking parents to let us know how learning is going by sharing a photo of Literacy and Maths learning on Tapestry or Dojo every week. If you haven't uploaded we will send you a message on dojo/tapestry to see how things are going and to offer any support we can. If we don't hear from you we will be in contact by phone (from a blocked number) to make sure you're all doing okay and to see if you need any support.


Mrs Chivers has set a creative challenge in the newsletter this week-

Can you create a smiley face (anyway you like). Post them on your dojo by Wednesday if you'd like to enter.


Mr Chantler has asked us to share this with you:

Please use the link below to view a video from the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics, explaining how parents can use Numberblocks episodes with 4-7 year olds at home. The Numberblocks episodes are an excellent resource to use with your children, enabling them to develop secure early number sense. 

Numberblocks videos

14th April


Along with the learning for this week there are also a wide line and thin lined blank paper sheet as I had a request for paper with wider lines for children to write on as it can be tricky to find.

If you're struggling to find a resource you need, just let us know!

6th April


Here is some learning you can continue to do during the Easter holidays if you want to keep some consistency and structure to your days. This is by no means essential and if you choose to have time off of learning during this time that is completely fine. We will continue to do 'check in' videos for the children during this time. If you choose not to do these tasks during the 'Easter' period then please start again at the 30th March activities when you return to learning.


We know the children are missing each other so during our video 'check ins' this week we will be asking children if they'd like to send us a photo of themselves pulling a funny face. We'll upload them all onto the same Tapestry post so they can scroll through and have a little fun.

30th March


Here is some learning you can continue to do during the Easter holidays if you want to keep some consistency and structure to your days. This is by no means essential and if you choose to have time off of learning during this time that is completely fine. We will continue to do 'check in' videos for the children during this time. If you choose not to do these tasks during the 'Easter' period then please start again here when you return to learning.

23rd March
16th March

Useful websites:


Phonics play

Username: march20 password: home

We have just completed Phase 3 so any interactive games for phase 3 will let your child practise the sounds we have sent on their phase 3 review sheet. We would normally teach phase 4 in the summer term so children are also ready to begin accessing this phase if you want.


Oxford owl

Free ebooks - in the browse section at the top you can filter books. If you choose level/letters and sounds/phase 3 it will take you to books linked to the phase children need to be consolidating their reading with. You can also choose book band - yellow. These are the books we would like children to be able to read independently by the end of the summer term. They should be reading the red books independently now and the yellow with some support.


Spelling shed

We have updated our spelling bee to put all the levels live for the children to play. Once they are successfully spelling these words in the game they should then switch to spelling them on paper. We would normally say the word, then say it in context, then repeat the word. We only get them to write the word not the whole sentence.

e.g. they, they are children, can you write they?


Numberblocks on iplayer

We have been watching numberblocks to support our maths. They are fantastic at helping children to deepen their understanding of number. We are currently on series 3. Children may tell you they've already watched some, our maths lead feels there is value in rewatching and really being secure in the concepts they are showing. We find these episodes really engage the children.



You already have access to this website but this is also a way you can continue to support maths learning at home. This gives children a firm basis in early number which is vital for their manipulation of numbers later on.

Username: firstname.lastname (for your child) password: 123

19th Sept


Tomorrow is our parents presentation. If you said you could not attend, the handouts will be in your child's bookbag tomorrow.

You can find a copy of the presentation slides to go along with them here.

If you have any questions feel free to come and ask us.

We have had a fantastic first day full time altogether! We're looking forward to finding out which class we are in on Friday.


Create your own farm


This week in ICT we created our own farm and began to label the different parts of the farm and animals.


Make my farm!

Cinderella Space Girl- A World Book Day Story


This week across the school, every class has been re-writing Cinderella in different ways. In Foundation we have taken a traditional version of Cinderella and changed parts of it to create a sci-fi space story. We hope you enjoy our story!


Once upon a time there lived a beautiful girl called Cinderella. She lived in space, near the moon in a flying space house. Cinderella lived with two ugly alien sisters and her wicked step-alien. They were very unkind to Cinderella and made her do a lot of hard work, like washing alien clothes. One day, an invitation came from the Planet Moon that invited everyone to the alien prince’s ball. The wicked step-alien didn’t allow Cinderella to go.

The day of the ball arrived and Cinderella was left at the flying space house.  “I do wish I could go to the ball,” she said sadly. Just then, a lovely alien fairy with a green magic stick in her hand appeared in the room. “I am your alien fairy and you shall go to the ball!” she said. The alien fairy godmother asked Cinderella to find her a small orange planet, six space worms, a grey traffy and six space lizards. With the touch of her green magic stick, the fairy godmother turned the small orange planet into a magnificent rocket…the space worms into 6 cold fire boosters…the grey traffy into a space pilot…and the space lizards into six alien engineers. Then the alien fairy godmother touched Cinderella with her green magic stick. Cinderella’s old dress turned into a green outfit and on her feet were the prettiest glass space shoes. “Remember, you must leave the ball before the clock strikes zero,” said the alien fairy godmother.

Cinderella arrived at the ball. She looked so beautiful that everyone wondered who she was. The prince asked Cinderella to dance and they danced together all night. Cinderella was enjoying herself so much that she didn’t notice the time. Zero hour approached and the clock began to strike five times because she was late. Cinderella ran out of the palace on Planet Moon. As she ran down the stairs, one of her glass space shoes fell off. Because she was late, she left it! The prince ran after her but her was too late! He found her glass space shoe on the steps.

The next morning, the prince went from space house to space house with the glass space shoe. At last the prince came to Cinderella’s house. The first ugly alien sister tried on the space shoe, but her foot was too long. The second ugly alien sister tried on the space shoe, but her foot was too fat and slimy. “Please may I try on the space shoe?” asked Cinderella. The space shoe fit perfectly! The prince asked Cinderella to marry him. They both lived happily ever after in a castle in space that can come to our Earth.

Spring 1 Challenges

Star Challenges


This year in Foundation we are encouraging the children to challenge themselves by completing special tasks linked to our different curriculum areas. These challenges are designed to build upon the learning that the children are doing during lessons and to encourage them to independently develop their skills. Every 2-3 weeks, the children are given 5 new coloured challenges to have a go at completing. For every challenge that they complete, they receive a coloured star stamp on their personal chart. At the end of each half term each child with 12 or more stamps on their chart will receive a special ‘Star Challenge’ certificate.

At the end of each half term we will update the class page with a list of the challenges. You may sometimes see the challenges your child has attempted on their Tapestry account.



Autumn 1 Challenges

Autumn 2 Challenges


As part of our 'Celebrations' topic, we have learnt about the Jewish festival Sukkot. We read a story about how people celebrate Sukkot. We learnt that they make Sukkah’s with 3 sides and leaves and branches on the top. We also learnt some Hebrew words like mitzvah which means good deed, because they try to do good deeds like inviting their friends into their Sukkah. In their Sukkahs they eat fruits and vegetables together when it gets dark and they can see the stars. 



After reading the story, we went to our forest school to collect natural materials to build our own Sukkah’s. We decorated the den in the forest for us to use as our own Sukkah, then brought leaves and twigs back to class to decorate our own mini Sukkah’s. Some of us even had a go at making Sukkah’s out of other materials, such as lego.

Starting School


The children have had lots of fun exploring the Foundation classrooms and getting to know new routines, adults and friends. They have settled very well and this week have been very excited to share their snack time with Year 1 and are looking forward to their first lunch at school!


Class allocation letters will be coming home on Friday and we are hoping to send your new learning journeys live at the same time to share what we have been doing with you. You will be able to sign up for parents meetings outside the classrooms as soon as you have read your letter.


Parents presentations will be happening on Friday in the Elm classroom from 4-5.30pm, if you can't attend we will send home the handouts for you to read and place the presentation on the website too.


Children will have their first lot of homework on Friday! The homework folder will be in their bookbag and will have an instruction sheet with it to let you know how to support your child.