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Monday PSHE learning 

 My hobbies

In today’s lesson, we will explore our differences in more detail. We will discuss how we are different, not only in how we look but also our personality and interests. We will think about our hobbies and how these interests make us unique. We will also consider how our hobbies and interests make us feel.

Wednesday 20.1.21 

Funky Monkey: Yoga Club (Week 3) Cosmic Kids.

Geography/Science   Thursday 21.1.21

Can you remember where Pip the penguin lived?

Today we are going to learn about the white continent of Antarctica.

Log in to: What is Antarctica like?

* Skip the quiz at the beginning.

* You don’t have to write the answers to the questions

* Activity: write down 3 ways in which animals survive in the Antarctic.

*Stop the video at the John Kelly Artist task as you do not need to do that today, thanks.

Art    Friday 22.1.20

Penguin fun.

Can you make your own penguin using paper or card? Have a look at the activity sheet for         inspiration and the different ways you could create your penguin. We look forward to seeing your penguin on class dojo. 




Penguin art activity sheet