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Woodford Primary School


In English this week, our learning will be centred around 'The Golden Compass'. You will have English lessons from Oak National Academy and also a spelling activity to do each day. 

For the English lessons, please click on the link which will take you directly to the lessons. We will also provide a worksheet for you to complete each day, where you can apply your learning. It would help to have this worksheet ready before watching the video, as often you'll need to pause the video at certain points and complete the task on the worksheet. It is important you pause the videos when they ask as they usually go through possible answers shortly after. 


Please also remember to read regularly throughout the week, including use of Read Theory.

English lesson


Learning objective: To identify key characters and events in the plot

English lesson


Learning objective: To explore expanded noun phrases

English lesson


Learning objective: To generate vocabulary to describe a character and scene

English lesson


Learning objective: To write prepositional phrases

English lesson


Learning objective: To write the opening scene