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Woodford Primary School


For our English this week we would like you to look at some inspirational speeches, songs and poems and analyse the language and the features used. You will then identify and use relative clauses within some writing. The outline for the week is as follows


Day 1  Reading a very famous speech and discussing it. Identifying features. 

Day 2 – Reading another famous speech by Malala. Identifying features. Writing a letter to Malala.   

Day 3 – Reading lyrics from a protest song. Identifying features. Writing a new version of ‘Streets of London’.

Day 4 - Provide some input, using the PowerPoint presentation on relative clauses. If children access this PowerPoint, they will hear the voice-over teaching. Children read the poem: Old Deuteronomy. They practise relative clauses and write sentences about an illustration.

Day 4 – Reading the start of a poem from Cats by T.S. Eliot. Practising relative clauses.     

Day 5 – Reading more of the poem from Cats. Comparing performances. Practising relative clauses.