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For our English this week we would like you to listen to and read a variety of stories then work on identifying and using more detailed modal verbs. Finally, using the same stories, look at some reading comprehension questions.

If you encounter issues with the links please try searching with the title of the like, i.e. 'Ruth Merttens reading Eric' on YouTube. 


Weekly outline.


  • Day 1 Provide some input, using the PowerPoint presentation* on modal verbs. If children access this PowerPoint, they hear teaching on Modal Verbs as a voice-over. Children listen to a reading of Eric by Shaun Tan. They practise finding and using modal verbs and then practise reading the story.
  • Day 2 – Children watch a video version of Eric. They find and sort modal verbs into categories. They write their own answers to questions about the story, using modal verbs.
  • Day 3 – Children look carefully at illustrations from Eric and answer reflective questions using modal verbs. They make an illustration about the next events after the story and write sentences with modal verbs.
  • Day 4 You may wish to provide some input about ‘secret strings’. Children read the first verse of ‘Caged Bird’. They learn about secret strings and then answer reflective questions.  
  • Day 5 – Children read a profile of Maya Angelou. They watch and evaluate three performances of the poem and then practise performing it.