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Elms 2017

This is the continuation of the Elm class page for Summer 2017. Hopefully this will alleviate the loading and crashing issues we've been experiencing!

Woodford's Got Talent and Year 1


This week all the Elms entered our class auditions for WGT and did a fantastic job! It was really, really hard to pick our class winners. On Friday they were really confident and performed fantastically in the final.


Elms we have had a fantastic year and I have loved being your teacher and learning with you this year. I will miss you all but I know that you will love learning new things in the Fir class and will have just as much fun with Mrs Chivers.

I'll be there to welcome you back on your first day in Year 1 and to help get your started on the next step of your journey.

Have a fantastic summer and enjoy the sun!

All my love

Miss Riggs


Healthy Week - Friday


We had a super Sports Day today - everyone was so well behaved and such good sports. You all joined in so well, I'm proud of you!


Well Done to our sprint winners!


A big shout out to our Javelin throwers who threw it so far! Well Done Oscar, Solly and Jacob. Also well done and good throwing to Luke, Ella, Aiden, Lena, Olly and Alice!


This afternoon we talked about how to keep our minds healthy. We talked about things we can do to make us feel healthy and how we should try to do 5 things that make us happy each day.



After that we practised keeping our bodies safe when crossing the road.

What a super healthy week we have had. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Healthy Week - Thursday


Today we learnt how to play golf. We played different games to learn about the features of a golf course then games to earn points for hitting our ball to different places.

Next we cooked our healthy cereal bars. We had so much fun!
We wrote about our favourite activities from healthy week and how we could keep healthy.

Healthy Week - Wednesday


First we tackled a mammoth obstacle course that took up our whole hall!! We had to climb, slide, jump, hang, swing, hop and more.

Next we went to the park for our class treat. We had so much fun!
After lunch we helped to make Sunshine Sam safe. He wanted to go to the beach in just his trunks. We helped him put on factor 30+ sun cream, a hat, sun glasses, t-shirt and gave him a sun umbrella. Oscar suggested he could use a beach tent and Alice thought maybe he could do with some sandals to protect his feet. Jonah was worried about his safety in the water and suggested a swim ring.
After that we went on a mindfulness walk. We sat in different places around the school. We breathed deeply and really listened, smelled, touched and looked at the environment around us in that moment. We listened to see if anything was the same or different in our classroom, the forest, the field and the playground. I forgot the camera so no photos of this activity - sorry!

Healthy Week - Tuesday


First we did some cheerleading! We learnt some different moves and chants. Ella thought my end pose was boring so she invented us a new one and Jonah added his own ideas onto the end to create their own ending for the Elms.

Our Cheers

Still image for this video

Next we did some Cosmic Yoga. We went on an adventure with a frog to the Olympic games and learnt that sometimes it's not about winning it's about being a good friend. We learnt lots of stretches and poses along the way.

Next we went on an adventure with Tiny the dinosaur who learnt that too many sweets rot your teeth and that we have to remember to clean them twice a day.

Next we learnt that some babies look similar to their parents. Some have some traits from one parent and other traits from another. We looked at a horse that had white hooves, his baby had a white star on it's head but brown hooves. We matched lots of animals and babies together and remembered that frogs and butterflies have babies that don't look anything like them.


We made our own animal baby book matching them together. We found out a kit is a baby rabbit and a kid is a baby goat.


Some of us drew our own animal and babies. We had to Google the names for some of the babies. Fish have a baby fry, bees have a bee larvae and slug babies are just called slugs.


In the afternoon we practise for Sports day - we can't wait to show you on Friday!

Healthy Week



On Monday we did a data handling activity. We asked everyone in our class to choose their favourite fruit from a list and created our own tally chart. We then went to the ICT suite and turned the information into a graph.


We found out that our favourite fruit was strawberries and our least favourite was pears.


Next we talked about our CAP rights to be SAFE, STRONG and FREE. We learnt some massage moves to use on our arms and legs and practised asking before we started. We listened if someone wasn't comfortable and didn't want to be touched and talked about how it is always okay to change our yes to a no if we decided we didn't like how something felt. We listened to relaxing music whilst we did our massage moves. The Elms were so considerate of each other, it was lovely to watch.

Next we all got together for some Zumba! We moved in time to the music and learnt different dance moves.

Healthy Week

Next week is Healthy Week. We will be doing a whole range of exciting activities. Children can wear sports clothes all week (t-shirt, shorts/leggings/trousers and trainers). Please make sure children have a sun hat, drink bottle and sun cream applied before school.


I'll send home p.e. bags midweek and on Friday children should come to school in their school p.e. kit ready for our FS/KS1 sports day. (After sports day you will not need to send p.e. kits back. They can stay at home until September.)


Here is Elms timetable


Monday Settling time - Morning activity


Favourite fruit pictogram




Peer Massage





Tuesday Settling time - Morning activity








SRE - animal babies



Sports Day practise


Wednesday Settling time - Morning activity

Obstacle course




Class treat (all FS)

- Park



Sunshine Sam - sun safety



Mindfulness walk


Thursday Settling time - Morning activity




Cooking - healthy cereal bars




Literacy - healthy week write up

(for newletter)



Multi Skills



Healthy plates


Friday Settling time - Morning activity

Sports Day




Road Safety


5 fingers - what makes us happy



This week we visited our new year 1 class - Fir Class! We met our new teacher Mrs Chivers and had fun doing a range of activities including making cards for each others next birthday, playing with real sand in the role play (their toy story chairs are better than my red role play chairs apparently) and so much more.


Tonight you should have received a letter about our new morning arrangements starting Monday to help support children's transition into Year 1 routines ready for September. Children will be able to come into the classroom on their own from 8.40am and take part in a morning activity to settle before the bell starts and lessons begin.



This week we had 3 CAP workshops. Sam and Jenny taught us that we all have rights. We learnt about our right to feel Safe, we talked about who makes us feel safe and what to do if we don't feel safe. We learnt about our right to feel Strong in our bodies through healthy eating and exercise and in our minds and emotions. We learnt about our right to feel Free to live our lives feeling happy and having fun.

We learnt 3 actions for our rights. Can you show your family our actions?


In session 1 Sam and Jenny showed us different role plays where children were being unkind and hurting others feelings and stopping them from feeling safe, strong and free. We talked about how we could handle those situations. We practised saying "No, stop I don't like it when you do that." We talked about how if we aren't feeling strong we could ask a friend to help us with that.


In session 2 we watched a puppet show where a lady came into our space bubble. We learnt that if that happens and we don't know the person we should take several steps back so that we feel safe and so that we can run if we need to. We learnt about the safety yell that we can do if we need help. Kody remembered all the ways we can escape if someone does try to keep hold of us. "Wriggle, pull hair, scratch, kick, hit and yell." Sam and Jenny told us it was important we only do these if we are in danger and don't feel safe.


In session 3 we learnt that we have the right to feel safe, strong and free even with people we know. We watched more roleplays and talked about how we can say "No, stop I don't like it" to grown ups we know if we aren't feeling safe. We also learnt that if someone tells us to keep a secret and that makes us feel unsafe and scared we don't have to keep the secret. We talked about what adults in our lives we feel safe with and could talk to if we didn't feel safe, strong and free. We watched a roleplay where a child talked to Miss Riggs when they didn't feel safe.


We learnt a lot this week and we will keep talking about and practising our 3 rights.



We practised finding a safe distance from a stranger.






Global Week


This week we have been learning all about Ireland and Northern Ireland. We talked about ways that life is the same in England and Ireland and ways in which it is different. We learnt to say a few phrases and numbers in Gaelic. We learnt about the myth of Leprechauns and learnt a song about them. We also looked at all the amazing homework children had made with your help! We had some amazing castles, flags, shamrocks and landmarks like the Giant's Causeway. We learnt that some people think it was formed by a volcanic eruption and some people think it was caused by a fight between the Irish giant Finn MacCool and a Scottish giant called Angus.


We decorated our classroom with symbols of Ireland and had a fantastic time sharing our craft afternoon with you - thanks for the great turn out and the lovely caring attitudes and teamwork with children whose parents weren't able to make it.


Below you can see pictures, hear our song and watch a video of our Irish dancing!!

Elm and May Leprechaun song

Irish Dance

Still image for this video

Materials and Floating and Sinking


We have been looking at the properties of different materials. We found out that some materials are good for looking through, some are waterproof and some are magnetic.



We created our own boats, thinking about how we could make them waterproof. We tested them to see if they floated or sank. We also tested how many people our boat would how and whether it had an impact on floating boats.



We rescued dinosaurs trapped in the ice by experimenting with ways to change the ice. These included chipping the ice, sprinkling salt on it and using cold and warm water to melt the ice. My photos are lurking somewhere on our server but I'm having a mental block about where I saved them! If I find them I will add them here.