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Design Technology

Our approach to Design Technology


At Woodford, Design Technology allows all children to develop their creativity and imagination through the completion of a wide range of design and make activities. Children have the opportunity to take part in creative, practical tasks that encompass a variety of skills; allowing them to create, innovate, design, make and evaluate a variety of well-crafted products. Children have opportunities to explore a range of different types of technology; including food and nutrition, mechanics, materials and electrics. They are taught relevant practical designing skills and how to apply these in real-life design activities. Children are always taught to work safely, using common tools and techniques that are appropriate for the task.



At Key Stage 1


Children have opportunities to explore and develop purposeful, practical skills in design and technology through a variety of different fields: food technology, materials, electrics and construction. This is achieved through performing simple, useful practical tasks which require the development of techniques such as cutting, forming and joining. They design and make for a specific purpose; communicating ideas through drawings, models and ICT. Children complete the design and make process by evaluating their products and putting forward suggestions for improvements.

Children are also taught the basic principles of balanced eating and where food comes from, whilst being encouraged to develop an interest in cooking.



At Key Stage 2


Children continue to develop their design technology skills, and the safe use of tools and equipment, by undertaking a range of practical tasks, such as making products, maintenance or cooking. They design and make and evaluate products linked to real life contexts and use a wider range of tools, equipment and materials with increasing skill to make products that are fit for purpose. Children have opportunities to produce a variety of designs in both 2D and 3D form. They make their own choices about which materials and tools would provide the most effective outcome. Children have increasing opportunities to make links with key events and turning points in design and technology history and recognise how they have shaped the world we live in today.


Children also have the opportunity to further their knowledge on the major components of a balanced diet and how ingredients can be combined to prepare healthy meals. They are taught basic cooking techniques and how to cook a variety of savoury dishes.