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Woodford Primary School


Our approach to Computing


At Woodford, we believe teaching Computing will help children to understand how computers, networks, games and the internet work and the processes going on behind the scenes. Children will learn how to give instructions, debug and problem solve when things don’t work and begin to design and code. As they move through the school they will learn to apply this knowledge to begin to build their own games or programs.


Children will learn how to use the internet, digital cameras, recording equipment and computer software. They will continue to develop their research and communication skills and use their ICT skills to support work in other areas of the curriculum.


Children will be taught to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly; recognising acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and will learn how to report any concerns that may arise through the use of technology.


Pupils will be taught to use their knowledge to express themselves in a digitally literate manner and will learn to become active participants in the digital world.