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Art in the curriculum

Art in the curriculum

Year 3

Fantastic fossil printing!




Year 3 Fantastic fossil printing

Year 5 - Greek artists - Papier Mache vases

Year 4

Blitz Skylines


Year 5 - Clay roundhouses

Foundation stage

Creative station - child initiated work
Making flowers for the garden centre
Making flowers in the role play

Year 3 - Pop Art

Which types of Pop Art do you like?


We have been busy researching the artist Andy Warhol as part of our Pop Art unit. We enjoyed looking at lots of different examples of this type of Art and wrote our own success ladder for creating a piece of pop art:


Larch class' Success ladder:

1. Use bright, primary colours.

2. Be inspired by everyday objects or famous people in your composition.

3. Repeat images and vary the colours for impact.

4. Outline your image to create a 3d effect.

Year 3 'Anthony Browne' Inspired Pop Art

Year 1 - Polar Art

Polar scenes using ink dye, salt and crayon
Eskimo feet!
Snowy Owl collage
Foot printing
Arctic scenes
Polar Art Year 1

Year 4 - Art through the study of Islam and Inspirational people

Year 3 - Still life sketching studio

Year 2

'Wild' Sketching and Painting