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Woodford Primary School

9th November 2016

Main Points from Minutes of Local Advisory Board (LAB) meeting held on 9th November 2016

  • Safeguarding Governors met with the Head of School (HoS) on 10th October 2016 and the Annual Safeguarding Report (2015-2016) prepared by the HoS has been posted on the Governors page of the school website

  • Details of the new governors has been added to the Governors page of the school website

  • It was reported that the percentage of ‘outstanding’ teaching and learning (T&L) exceeded the milestone of 25%. The lesson observations are only a sample of T&L which always needs to be triangulated and then that was only a snapshot.


  • Initial book scrutiny had taken place very early in the school term to focus on expectations around marking and presentation. Individual feedback was given and follow-up planned for late November.

  • More-able children are challenged, along with others, through problem solving and reasoning in maths and inference and deduction in reading. This was reviewed during INSET day and seen during lesson observations, followed with book scrutiny and Pupil Progress meetings.

  • Children numbers for starting school in September 2017 was discussed but an idea of numbers will not been known until sometime in January 2017. The school budget would be a lot healthier if the pupil numbers in current Foundation Stage was higher.

  • Promotion of the school was continuing and pre-schools from across the city had been invited to our open evenings – parents from 8 different providers accepted the invitation.

  • The model Safeguarding Policy was likely to be accepted by schools across the authority and within the Plym Academy Trust (PAT). The Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy was adopted by Woodford Primary School.

  • The Board was advised that Lauren Stacey, a Health and Safety at Work advisor from Plymouth City Council, was the competent advisor for Health and Safety at the school.

  • The Board was advised that Carl Challenor from Plymouth Learning Partnership was advising the school about Property Compliance.

  • A reminder to parents regarding their agreement for their children to be photographed in school related activities would be included in a school newsletter.

  • The RAISE report had only been issued two weeks prior to the meeting so needed to be analysed further - attainment of Early Years/Foundation Stage compared with national figures. Key Stage 1 was below whilst Key Stage 2 was broadly in line with that nationally.