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Woodford Primary School

3rd May 2017

Main Points from Minutes of Local Advisory Board (LAB) meeting held on 3rd May 2017

  • The maths subject leader provided a report on developments in maths prior to attending the meeting. He also gave additional information which included: He was seeing 3-4children each lunch time to go over maths in the lead up to SATs. This is child led. The other Yr6 teacher runs an Arithmetic Club after school which includes the pivotal children. The maths problems published in the weekly newsletter had been a success. They were all marked and any errors were picked up and discussed with the individual children.

  • The school had recently received a visit from Ann Berger O.B.E. who worked with the Regional Schools Commission. During her visit several things were discussed including maths at the school. She would return to the school to give a full review but the advice given was ‘Don’t do anything radical’.

  • A couple of Woodford governors visited Plympton St Maurice.

  • A pupil and parent survey was do to be sent out towards the end of the week. The pupil’s survey would be given to children after teachers had spoken to them about what was being asked of them. It was agreed to add a question about governors.

  • The Head of School had emailed Patrick Nicholson regarding the funding for the decking.

  • The admission numbers for September 2017 was still a concern. The current number stood at 65.

  • Recruitment had been success for 4 new teachers. This included 2 teachers already at Woodford on temporary contacts and 2 new appointees. Both of these have KS1 and KS2 teaching experience.

  • The budget carried forward was looking at about £50,000.00, the chance from £61,000.00 due to staff absences and phased return to work. There was also some adjustments due to prepayments and accruals. Over spends had occurred in Maths and English as well as CPD staff training.

  • The training is being used to drive school improvements and being taken up across all staff and across all areas that would be judged by Ofsted.


  • Please see separate schedule on Governors Page of website to see summary of visits and trying since last meeting