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Woodford Primary School

26th June 2018

Main Points from Minutes of Local Advisory Board (LAB) meeting held on 26th June 2018

  • Representatives from the LAB had attended, and completed, the Headteachers Performance Management review
  • Governors were asked to complete their self-reflection forms for 2017-2018
  • Interviews were due to be held the following day for a TA vacancy
  • The attendance and presentation of the New Parents meeting was discussed
  • Persistently late children, highlighted in the HT report, as discussed together with follow up letters and procedures. The Headteacher shared a letter sent to parents from another school regarding absence. The aim of the letter was to encourage attendance by setting out the disadvantages of poor attendance. It was suggested that this was something Woodford could possibly use with the persistent absentees
  • The teaching of Yr1 children (September18) was discussed/outlined as 62 would take numbers over 30 as being taught in two classes. The alternatives would have been two children in a Yr2 class or consider mixed Yr1/Yr2 classes. Neither of these options seemed preferable to exceeding class size.
  • KS1 results had been moderated and ready to be submitted to the LA by 28th June 2018
  • KS2 results are due 10th July 2018 but it was agreed, across the MAT, the reading, punctuation, spelling and grammar papers were fine with the maths reasoning paper a bit tricky
  • Yr1 children who had not achieved the expected standard in the Phonics Screening Check would continue to receive additional support in Yr2. The main area of difficulty for Yr2 children were the ‘alien words’ as they are more proficient readers.
  • All swimming places had been utilised with non-swimmers in Yr4 – Yr6 and then Yr3 who cannot swim 10 metres independently
  • Due to  additional Yr3 class needed one class will be added within the Yr6 teaching block to cause least disruption from movement of classes and to give one classroom ‘free’ in KS1 to be used as a break out room for intervention groups.
  • Quotes are being obtained prior to submitting applications for Lottery Funding to provide all weather cover for the Foundation Stage decking area
  • Totus has installed emergency signage and call points have been completed
  • The MAT Headteachers visit to Glen Park had been both useful and helpful and would be repeated for the MAT deputies
  •  LAB members sought assurance about staff mental health. The Headteacher advised that the school had subscribed to a program of staff assistance. Concerns over workload were picked up on the staff survey and staff had been asked to provide specifics at a meeting so that concerns could be responded to. This meeting was largely a positive exercise.
  • A reading moderation held across the MAT was a valuable exercise and comparable across the collection of work. The school saw these as an exercise of looking for better ways to improve.
  • A revised Guidance of Keeping children safe in education will commence on 2nd September and had been uploaded to the governors secure area on the school website for all to read.
  • Election of chair and vice-chair to place. Debbie Johns was re-elected as chair and Rob Frankow was re-elected as vice-chair
  • Governors agreed they would continue with their specific responsibilities for the forthcoming year