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Woodford Primary School

25th June 2019

Main Points from Minutes of Local Advisory Board (LAB) meeting held on 25th June 2019


  • Plans were discussed with regards to the possible industrial action by support staff
  • The governors agreed to appoint two new members to the board
  • Staffing structure for the following academic year was reviewed which included the appointment of two new members to the teaching staff, one of which was also leading the next Maths Hub
  • A pupil survey would be planned before the end of term using Ofsted questions
  • Following the recent Ofsted inspection the leadership team had been looking at book work from another school to see how they addressed the similar issue of challenge for every child
  • The current Young Carers were discussed and how they need to be identified as a separate group alongside Free School Meals and Service children
  • Following the recent Ofsted report talks Woodford’s Headteacher had spoken to the other PAT heads about their analysis of behaviour incidents and CPOMS. CPOMS would be contacted about re-categorising as we need to separate friendship/bullying/racist incidents
  • The school’s Relationships and Sex Education policy needs to be reviewed due to the government stipulating that certain things must be taught and the school’s introduction of the PHSE resource Jigsaw
  • A recent complaint/concern had been received from a parent, and the use of the recently installed active play equipment, which the school had looked into
  • The governors discussed if the child with a differed start to EYFS would need additional provisions
  • EYFS had used the PIRA and PUMA tests which had been very time consuming but hopefully next year they will become more manageable
  • The School Business Manager will be contacted regarding the need of a spare second EpiPen for emergencies
  • The new Spelling Bee initiative was discussed and how classes were on board
  • Governors thanked the school caretaker for his hard work relating to all the changes and improvements with the decor of the school
  • Staff well-being was discussed and governors were all made aware of the ‘Shout-Out’ board in the staffroom together with after school events such as a quiz and curry night with other events being planned
  • Governors discussed the school parliament’s recommendation regarding single use plastics
  • The school’s budget was reviewed and overspends ( including curriculum costs and ICT and development) agreed
  • Capital projects being considered including the Fob system to be extended further in the school to enhance security, safeguarding perimeter fencing, canopy to cover EYFS area, outdoor play equipment
  • Reports from the Safeguarding (including SCR, LAC and CP) governor and Maths governors were shared in advance of the meeting along with various visit forms
  • Mrs Debbie Johns was re-elected as Chair with Mr Rob Frankow re-elected as Vice-Chair