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Woodford Primary School

23rd January 2018

Main Points from Minutes of Local Advisory Board (LAB) meeting held on 23rd January 2018

  • Maths Intervention groups data had been reviewed by the SLT and it showed they had made an improvement in standardised scores
  • Year 6 intervention groups were for pivotal children for expected standard and greater depth. Feedback from standardised assessment is used to see where targeted intervention is required. Other year groups are running booster sessions.
  • Writing is based on teacher assessment and moderation of children's written work is needed.
  • Governors reviewed a summary of written responses from parents survey. Outcomes included:

Teacher and parents meetings changed to earlier in Spring term and includes the interim report

Opportunity for parents to come in and look at their child’s books with their children at a separate time before Christmas

Teachers contacted parents who we thought would have met their targets so there were no surprises during meetings

  • The next round of planned lesson observations would be held during the week commencing 5th February 2018 with a focus on Maths to allow maths lead to review systems promoting deeper understanding of maths in the lessons. These would take the form of drop ins and then triangulated with evidence from book scrutiny and pupil progress meetings to identify strengths and areas for development
  • Pupil Premium review meeting would be taking place on 5th February 2018 to which governors were welcome
  • Pupil Progress meetings scheduled for 19th and 20th April 2018
  • Governors were asked to send any outstanding self reflection forms to the clerk ASAP
  • Following a recent visit from Ann Berger the HofS planned to visit schools who had been identified as having outstanding Early Years provision
  • The school’s marking policy had been changed after being reviewed by the SLT to try to make it manageable, meaningful and motivating. Comments should focus on taking learning forward.
  • At a recent maths staff training frames and pre-prepared next steps had been developed and shared which was well received
  • Persistent absences, still being monitored by EWO, included lots of illness in combination with families taking holidays in term time. Letters sent out to parents to remind them of the importance of full attendance.
  • Attendance of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium is a concern in some year groups and a barrier to progress. This will be discussed at meetings with parents.
  • December 2017 showed 45 parents putting Woodford as their first choice for admission in September 2018 compared to 41 parents putting Woodford as their first choice for admission in September 2017
  • The school is appealing an allocation of High Needs funding for a child with very specific learning needs
  • Admin staff and Headteachers from the Trust schools have received training for the new requirements for data protection and will sort out training for governors.
  • The emergency plan was reviewed and changes needed due to previous employees names detailed in it and the change of muster points
  • The CEO and HofS had meet with the SENCOs to agree a new format of their annual report. This would be presented to the governors in the Autumn term with a focus on progress data for pupils with SEND.
  • Following the review of the numerous governor visit forms is was discussed how the feedback from observations was brought to teachers attention. It was agreed the form would be changed to include a ‘points for action’ section.
  • Next governors PAT training was Safeguarding on 24th January 2018 and all were asked to attend.
  • The LAB action plan was updated to show the Competency Framework for Governance.