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Woodford Primary School

22nd January 2019

Main Points from Minutes of Local Advisory Board (LAB) meeting held on 22nd January 2019


  • Louisa Walker (Parent Governor) has unfortunately had to resign due to family commitments which would leave the LAB reduced in numbers. Agreed a succession plan should be considered
  • Governors discussed and reviewed a revised draft Safeguarding Code of Conduct for staff
  • Staff training would be given in March regarding changes/updates to this
  • Governors agreed their afternoon visit in March would be with a focus of EYFS
  • Chairs of Trust LABs had recently met to discuss and share good practice. Each would visit other LAB meetings to encourage further collaboration
  • Funds in excess of contingency needed in line with the Trust’s reserves policy would be spent on capital projects which would not incur ongoing costs and would materially make a difference to the children - possible ideas would be a covering for EYFS, a new set of ipads
  • Staff development budget showed a slight overspend but agreed that investing in staff training was the correct area
  • Budgets set in curriculum areas were low in places and, for example, the Abacus subscription took almost of the Maths budget allocation
  • The Business Manager was collating information about subscriptions in order to improve curriculum budgeting going forward
  • Staff absences were fairly high due to long term absence (staff) and TAs particularly in Yr3 so staff have temporarily moved around to cover
  • The new Ofsted framework will focus on the school’s intent, implementation and impact of the curriculum. Subject leaders across the MAT meet where they discuss curriculum planning in their subject area
  • History and Geography curriculum maps had been reviewed so subject leaders would be invited to the next LAB meeting to share the changes
  • A local councillor and parents of a child from the school who had been clipped by a vehicle where the Crossing Patrol use to be are due to meet, however the school had not heard any news about a possible replacement
  • Music is open to all and we are funding lessons for a child in receipt of Pupil Premium as an enrichment to their learning
  • Below 90% attendance letters sent out have had a positive impact on all families bar one
  • Strategies, such as Spelling Shed resources, launch of Spelling Bee and Alan Peat training, have been put in place to address low attainment in writing (more so in boys than girls)
  • All the Trust schools will need to talk following recent training on Reviewing the Effectiveness of the PP Strategy. The key message from the training was to know the children, what their barriers were and use the funding to meet each individual’s needs. All these children are discussed at pupil progress meetings.
  • The Collective Worship Policy 2018-19 had been updated from last year and included details about British Values
  • The School Emergency Plan 2018-19 had been updated from last year including changes of personnel named in the plan. One child at the school had a personal evacuation plan.
  • Focussing on Mental Health and Well-being, the Trust Business Manger had been asked about purchasing Jigsaw as a comprehensive teaching resource
  • A meeting in March would be agreed to carry out the interim review of HT’s performance management targets
  • Complements, Concerns and Complaints training had been well represented by Woodford governors where it had been agreed small changes were needed to procedures. The CEO was due to update the Trusts Complaints policy
  • Updated Governors Action Plan discussed and all were encouraged to be available for one of the parent consultation meetings
  • The Arts Policy and Collective Worship Policy were adopted and ratified