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Woodford Primary School

21st September 2016

Main Points from Minutes of Local Advisory Board (LAB) meeting held on 21st September 2016

  • Caroline Snell and Dave Clemow were both appointed co-opted governors of the LAB

  • Completed/signed acceptance of the Code of Conduct, Pecuniary interest and safeguarding declaration forms were returned to the clerk. Any outstanding would be emailed to relevant governors.

  • Governors Strategic Plan had been agreed and will be posted on school website

  • DBS checks discussed and updated records would be collated by the clerk. DBS checks need to be updated every three years but agreed that every year governors would sign a declaration advising if there were any changes

  • Governors photographs are required to be on the school website and they were invited into school on 18th October if they needed one to be taken for this purpose

  • New governors asked to provide a brief paragraph about themselves which would be posted on the website

  • The school website was briefly discussed – some changes could be made to bring it more in line with the Trust and Boringdon’s websites. This would be a good opportunity to rebrand.

  • Promoting the school within the local community and beyond was discussed possibly through the press, newsletters and visiting pre –schools

  • Governor links and responsibilities were confirmed

  • Summer testing results were shared with the following comments – The government had provided ‘floor targets’ of 65% of children to attain expected standards in Reading, Writing and Maths. Although there were minus figures the school was above the floor level In terms of progress by the end of KS1 the average point score nationally was 15.5 and Woodford was 17.1

  • Pupil assessment is repeated throughout the year with testing undertaken at the beginning and end of the year plus termly to be able to show progress. The data at the start and end of the year is used to show where the children are against age related expectations

  • An intervention group had been set up for last year’s Year 6 and this would hopefully happen again this year. However there is already more TA allocation in the year group

  • A safeguarding report was handed out following a review in July 2016. All the senior leadership team had received safeguarding training and an annual safeguarding update had taken place on 1st September for all staff

  • The clerk advised a database called Edubase needed to be updated with details of all governors so information would need to be obtained to enable this to be done as soon as possible