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Woodford Primary School

1st May 2018

Main Points from Minutes of Local Advisory Board (LAB) meeting held on 1st May 2018 

  • Outstanding points from the website review actioned including: 

         Sports Premium statement uploaded 

         Safeguarding governors pictures uploaded 

         Self-harm policy uploaded 

  • Feedback from the Headteacher regarding the recent malicious communication to school. It was agreed that communication around the school was difficult given its geography and currently the only way to communicate was to physically go around the school. A discussion took place regarding further investigations into purchasing an internal phone system. The Headteacher reassured the Board that children would never be put in a vulnerable position. There are plans to practice drills with children and staff to deal with similar occurrences to familiarise them with the Lockdown routine. 

  • Installation of telephones in all classrooms should be done during summer holiday ready for September 2018 

  • Staff meetings were now a mixture of MAT training sessions and Woodford staff only training sessions. Not all meetings involved the Teaching Assistants. 

  • Attendance data showed a marginal improvement since last meeting and will be monitored/managed between the Headteacher and admin staff. 

  • Poor attendance, mentioned during recent pupil progress meetings, was been looked at and monitored. Letters have been sent out by the EWO. 

  • The continuing of the Lollipop lady into next academic year was discussed. 

  • Headteachers from the other MAT schools visiting Woodford on 2nd May to have a talk about the context of the school, a learning walk, meeting children, presentation of ‘Getting to Good’, showcase reading comprehension skills and a talk about greater depth maths challenge. 

  • Teachers judgements for writing in Yr2 and Yr3 are conservative but is being addressed by moderation within year groups using Evidence Gathering Grids and across the MAT 

  • A sight check for Foundation Stage children is due in June. 

  • Governors had all completed and returned surveys which would be reviewed. 

  • Staff surveys deadline was not until 4th May. 

  • Governors reviewed the Teaching and Learning Policy for 2017/18. 

  • Governors had received, in advance, a Safeguarding Report including SCR review from the Safeguarding governors – it was noted that the Kitchen Manager had received Safeguarding training from CaterEd and asked to disseminate to other staff 

  • Governors had received, in advance, a maths report following a meeting with the Maths Lead from the maths governors 

  • Governors had received, in advance, an English report following a meeting with the English Lead from the English governors 

  • Following the recent Young Carers assembly and information sent to parents 7 children had been identified, the majority are caring for their siblings 

  • With positive feedback from all those associated with the FFT intervention it is hoped that this will continue next academic year. It has had an impact of attainment but also boosted the children confidence.