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Woodford Primary School

19th March 2019

Main Points from Minutes of Local Advisory Board (LAB) meeting held on 19th March 2019


  • The governors agreed the Plym Academy Trust Safeguarding Code of Conduct 2019
  • An update was given regarding the public meeting with councillors regarding Larkham Lane. Unfortunately PCC are still attempting to recruit a Crossing Patrol and this position continues to be advertised with both PCC and school
  • TA sickness was discussed,although all now returned to work, and the need to recruit a new member soon
  • Different English teaching tools were discussed including ‘Reading for Meaning’ - observed by Woodford’s English Subject Leader during a visit to another PAT school and ‘No More Marking’ - seen at a Teaching and Learning conference at WeST
  • Challenge more was discussed and agreed that this is not just for more able children. All children need to be challenged so every child can apply their learning to maths through varied fluency, problem solving and tasks which require reasoning
  • Following a recent maths intervention, taken by Mrs Chivers, for Yr5 children all bar one of the pupils had made progess and all were now being taught back within the Yr5 cohort
  • Mrs Chivers will now lead interventions for approximately 11 children from Yr2
  • Due to an ongoing bullying incident the school is looking at our Anti-Bullying Policy and possible leaflets and CAP workshops for children
  • Medical needs for a Yr3 child had led to a 2-hour meeting with parents and care plans have now been updated. The school nurse, who was involved in the meeting, confirmed the school’s Administration of Medicines Policy was in line with current NHS guidance and that staff training was appropriate
  • A deferred admission was discussed following a letter of recommendation from Willows Nursery based on the individual needs of the child
  • Attendance at parents meetings was good with 95% attendance overall
  • Following a recent moderation of writing with the other PAT schools our staff received comments on how standards and presentation of Woodford children’s writing were very good examples, judgements about expected and greater depth of standard confirmed and they are feeling very positive
  • Looking at our self evaluation against the Ofsted Inspection Framework we feel we are a Good school
  • Staff in Yr6 have been running interventions in reading, writing, SPAG and maths to address gaps in children’s knowledge and understanding and support the children to make best possible progress
  • A recent accident was discussed where a visitor to the school had alighted from his parked car, when parked outside the marked bays, and then broken his ankle. The accident report was reviewed by the Head Teacher, Caretaker and Facilities Manager and all agreed there was nothing that we could have changed to avoid this happening
  • Health and Wellbeing for staff were discussed, including the ‘Shout Out’ board and ‘Cup of Kindness’. The Educational Psychologist is visiting the school to offer time for staff to talk. The Trust buys into the Employee Assistance Programme which can provide counselling support for staff
  • In an attempt to limit the number of visit reports submitted the chair asked all governors to do a summary report rather than individual reports and it was only necessary with it referred to a milestone within the School Development Plan
  • Governors had visited the Early Years unit as part of their Governors Afternoon session, as well as attending a learning walk with the SENCO
  • Music tuition and sporting clubs attended by Pupil Premium children are being measured through the development of the child’s skills, their participation and increased confidence
  • Both the Chair and the Headteacher had recently refreshed their Safer Recruitment training
  • One expression of interest from a potential parent governor had been received. There was currently no deadline so this item would be carried forward to the next meeting