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Woodford Primary School

18th September 2018

Main Points from Minutes of Local Advisory Board (LAB) meeting held on 18th September 2018

  • The Board was updated on the current governor membership and it was agreed Mrs Chivers would become an Associate governor
  • The Governors signed a new Code of Conduct while the Safeguarding and pecuniary interest declarations would be sent out once updated by Trust
  • Governors were reminded to complete and return their completed Self Reflection forms to the clerk as soon as possible
  • The Annual Safeguarding Report was discussed:
    • MTAs had received safeguarding training from the Headteacher
    • Member of staff off sick and maternity leave would receive safeguarding training update on their return to school
  • The clerk had successfully completed her Clerking Competency Framework Course 2017
  • There were solid results at the end of Key Stages and in the teacher assessments. These will now be compared with other MAT schools and national figures
  • There is positive progress measures for the first time in three years and the Yr6 Team were congratulated
  • Temporary KS leaders had been appointed to fulfil routine duties
  • Woodford would continue to use the services of an Educational Psychologist who was blocking time to see individual children and families
  • The ELSA has had her time increased from 0.5 to 0.6 to cover additional work since the school stopped buying in from MAST
  • The school continues to look at early interventions and how to tackle issues as early a stage as possible
  • The governors confirmed who would be involved in the Headteacher performance management meeting
  • The Foundation Stage environment had been reviewed, de cluttered and a new system had been set up to ensure children had completed specific activities using Challenge Stars
  • The school was still looking to revamp the outdoor learning environments
  • The support staff would have performance management meetings introduced and it was noted they were keen to take up additional training when required
  • Governors agreed the School Improvement Plan Summary for 2018/19
  • The Alan Peat Sentence Stem was discussed and it was explained it trains the children how to improve sentence structures. Governors noted that the school had a disparity between boys and girls in writing so tools to provide support would be useful
  • The school continued to use a range of tools to track pupil progress including PIRA and Puma, Scholastics, Abacus, benchmarking, Rainbow Scheme and FFT.
  • Some children who had taken part in the FFT before end of summer have support strategies in place to ensure their reading levels do not regress. Information have been given to parents to encourage support at home
  • Two new assessment trackers staff would be using and training would be provided by the person who had developed these based on Excel spreadsheets. These would be able to produce a spreadsheet for assessment of progress and attainment in foundation subjects
  • A ‘nutshells’ document has been introduced and prepared by each subject leader as an overview of that subject. It would document the strengths and standards and shared across the MAT by all subject leaders.
  • The admin team were completing the year end prepayments and accruals. Once completed a budget monitoring report would be available but the school was working within the budget that had been set
  • The school is looking at introducing a maths intervention which fits in with the pupils needs and has measurable outcomes
  • In addition to good academic outcomes at the end of 2018, the school has maintained a broad and balanced curriculum enriched by learning experiences including story writing competitions and visiting artists
  • Governors were advised, and encouraged, to attend forthcoming training
  • Governors adopted and ratified the following policies:
  • Assessment Policy 2018/19
  • Admissions Arrangements 2018/19
  • Security Policy 2018/19
  • Behaviour Policy 2018/19