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Woodford Primary School

17th September 2019

Main Points from Minutes of Local Advisory Board (LAB) meeting on 17th September 2019


  • Annual review of LAB membership was held and associate governor was reappointed
  • Safeguarding declarations and annual pecuniary interest forms signed by all
  • Matter arising from previous meeting - those parents of low attendees who did not attend parents meetings had been contacted by either class teachers or ELSA
  • Following on from Ofsted there had been some re-categorisation of behaviour which had been added to CPOMS
  • Draft Annual Safeguarding Report reviewed at meeting
  • All staff had read Part 1 of Keeping Children Safe in Education (2019)
  • Teachers have a class list of their children who appear on CPOMS and confirm with DSL/DDSLs and significant issues or minor historical issues
  • Section 175 review updated annually and Woodford likely to have a safeguarding review which will be carried out by Simon White
  • Governors were appointed with their specific responsibilities
  • Governors confirmed the School Development Plan Priorities for 2019-20
  • KS2 progress measures from last year’s Y6 cohort showed positive progress measures for reading, writing and maths
  • With some changes to staff deployment this year it was hoped that issues would be addressed
  • Progress meetings held with all teachers within a year group had been very beneficial. This might be extended to include TAs because of their role in interventions
  • 90% of children achieved the required standard for phonics in Yr1
  • Woodford Primary School will be using iTrack in line with other primary schools in WeST for assessing and tracking pupil attainment and progress
  • Governors discussed the need for visits and associated reports to be in lien with the SDP
  • The EYFS now had two canopies over the outdoor continuous provision areas
  • Planned work on the perimeter fence was due to start at the end of September 2019
  • Governors could now access training online through the governance consultant as well as face to face sessions. It was suggested that when a governor attended training they would prepare a note/bullet points to share with all on the governing body
  • Governors were reminded about the WeST governor conference day in November 2019
  • The Assessment and Reporting policy was agreed and adopted
  • The Admissions Arrangements were agreed and adopted
  • The Security Policy was agreed and adopted
  • The Behaviour Policy was agreed and adopted
  • The Health and Safety Policy was agreed and adopted