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Woodford Primary School

15th March 2017

Main Points from Minutes of Local Advisory Board (LAB) meeting held on 15th March  2017 

  • The Single Central Register had been reviewed by Safeguarding Governors who had prepared a visit note  for the other members 
• As there were new guidance regarding bomb threats the Emergency Plan would need to be updated 
• The Safeguarding Policy was reviewed prior to the meeting and agreed by the Board 
  • Current school policy for Collective Worship Arrangements needed to be updated as it mentioned daily acts of worship but would more likely be daily moments of reflection 
  • The Maths Leader was unable to attend the meeting to talk about Maths Teacher Assessment data but provided an updated report 
  • The Chair invited the other members to review the document ‘A Competency Framework for Governors January 2017’ 
• Governors were asked to complete a Skills Audit and return to the Chair via the clerk 
  • Performance Management update – review meetings had taken place the previous week and all teachers had undertaken self-evaluations 
  • During  the recent RSC visit the school had been very well prepared and gave a good account of Woodford.  The children were a credit to the school and the presentation of the school was excellent 
  • Training needs are being looked at across the MAT – there is quite a lot of training already for Middle/Senior Leadership 
  • The school uses SIMS more often now to identify progress and areas for development. SIMS is a valuable tool for teachers to map progress 


  • A workshop for Yr 1 parents had been run and the information had been upload on to the class page of school website 

• Admissions for new year were  discussed – the CEO explained that there are places across Plympton 

  • The CEO gave a brief update regarding the possible expansion of the MAT which included exploring expansion locally.  However the 5 schools are working very well together and there is a great collaboration and sharing staff training. 



  • A recent SEND audit had taken place which the SEND governor was part of. The school SEND leaders had worked hard with the Head of School and those who carried out the audit had a positive view of the school


  • Reports/visit notes had been prepared and reviewed for the other members by the Early Years governor, Safeguarding governors, Maths governors and English Governors