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Woodford Primary School

14th November 2017

Main Points from Minutes of Local Advisory Board (LAB) meeting held on 14th November 2017

  • Report on review of Single Central Record was read and discussed


  • Link Governors matrix updated with specific responsiblities for the coming year


  • Trust Board Update included two new trustees had joined the board, the Summer resullts had been reviewed which showed a very positive picture across the MAT


  • The Trust Board Manager and school Business Manager attended the meeting to discuss the following documents:

Revenue Financial Forecast 2017/18 to 2019/20

Budget Forecast by Ledger Level

Cost Centre Total Report

If the National Funding Formula remained in its current form the school would benefit

  • CPOMS way of recording Child Protection issues were discussed and it was noted that it helped to build a wider picture of child’s circumstance


  • Staffing changes to subject leadership was looked at and discussed – based on utilising expertise although staff preferences were taken into account were possible


  • The new members of staff were settling in and as part of the induction a school fire drill would take place ASAP, although they take place once a term


  • Persistent absences had appeared to increase slightly which could be due to holidays. Attendance below 95% is always investigated and reviewed.


  • The Pupil Premium statement was provided and would be added to the school website


  • Foundation Stage Induction surveys had been sent out to parents and results received so far was shared. It showed a positive picture with 15 out of 18 who returned the survey felt their child was prepared for their start. This was the first time the school had put together this type of survey and the Foundation Stage leader had been asked to encourage parents to complete it.


  • The school was moving towards using a new system for monitoring and reporting Safeguarding issues. A CPOMS webinar was due to be held as part of the SLT meeting which governors were invited to attend


  • Edubase was being replaced by a Get Information about Schools. All governors were asked to advise the clerk as and when any of their personal details changed so the register could be kept up to date


  • Governors were reminded about the next planned training which related to reviewing Link Governors roles