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Woodford Primary School

14th June 2017

Main Points from Minutes of Local Advisory Board (LAB) meeting held on 14th June 2017

  • Funding was, as always, an ongoing concern for Woodford


  • The New Parents Admission Meeting had recently been held where the Head of School had spoken to parents about the possibility of mixed age Foundation Stage and Yr1.


  • Predicted outcomes from assessments – Early Years had gone to moderation and were assessed at 70% to achieve


  • Yr1 phonics original prediction of 88% had been reduced to 82% because of mobility, however 86% subsequently met the required standard


  • Yr2 writing had been moderates in house by the Head of School and Deputy. Further moderation would take place with a Yr2 teacher from within the MAT


  • Yr6 writing were hoping for 66%+ to reach expected


  • Yr6 first maths paper for SATs was much harder than the other papers


  • FFT Wave Training, which focused on reading, writing and phonics, had taken place. The first group of children to benefit would be Yr2 children who had very low reading and writing abilities together with Yr1 children who failed phonics screening. The intervention would be for 20 minutes each day for 20 weeks.


  • Governors were made aware of the CAP program running in Foundation and KS1, part of which was to teach the children the difference between being unkind and bullying


  • Following results of the recent parent survey ideas were discussed about how to promote who the governors are. Ideas included adding articles with photographs in the school newsletters.


  • Roles and Responsibilities of governors needed to be confirmed early in the next academic year including the need for a Health and Safety governor/champion.


  • A report of the LAB evaluation of School Year 2016/17 was discussed and agreed


  • The DFEs ‘A Competency Framework for Governance 2017’ would be sent to all governors in readiness for a planned training session