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Woodford Primary School

13th March 2018

Main Points from Minutes of Local Advisory Board (LAB) meeting held on 13th March 2018

  • The governors were joined by the computing team who presented a short report and discussions were had regarding homework clubs held for those unable to access the Internet at home, one incident of e-safety reported on CPOMS, confirmation that a filter/firewall was in place, children are aware of what they need to do if an inappropriate image or information appears on their screen,the computing curriculum outlined including e-safety and any necessary updating of technology.
  • Governors were thanked for completing the self reflection forms in readiness for the external governance review.
  • An updated version of the Emergency Plan was shared and it was confirmed the recent closure due to snow had gone smoothly
  • Governors were reminded of training courses available especially those who had missed the recent MAT Safeguarding training
  • Kitchen staff received their training by employers Cater-Ed but it would be desirable if we included them in our staff training
  • With another MAT school doing home visits before children joined EYFS as best practice and very valuable it was discussed if this might be a possibility
  • With regards to the DBS checking of all regular volunteers, this was confirmed as taking place and we are moving towards taking up references as well for these volunteers.
  • The business managers across the MAT are looking at reviewing SCR in the light of a Safeguarding audit at one of the schools
  • Governors were advised that Competency Framework training would be provided onsite with a date to be confirmed possibly in the summer term
  • GDPR is being looked at across the MAT and there is now a Retention Policy with the Privacy Policy under review
  • MAST services would soon stop being subsidised and unfortunately Woodford could not afford the services at the new level of cost. We are looking at how TAs, ELSA and SENCos can continue to support these children.
  • There is a possibility the school crossing patrol (Lollypop lady) will not be continued after July unfortunately due to the cost which is a concern  - discussed any alternatives
  • Long term sickness of staff and reimbursement of school supply insurance discussed – an amount is paid out each day after the first 5 days and it is a flat rate.
  • A couple of children had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and, with inclusion in mind, a rota had been produced for staff members to help meet their medical needs.
  • Heads of the 5 MAT schools had started peer visits to each school which was an opportunity to showcase their work, their journey, to focus on priorities, complete a learning walk, the ability to be critical and an opportunity to review books. To date Plympton St Maurice and Chaddlewood had been visited with Woodford next on 2nd May.
  • As part of the HT performance management target relates to EYFS she had spent time in Foundation to gain experience and better understanding with the view to look at the environment and then the extent to which achievement prepared children for the national curriculum in Yr1.
  • Following the recent book scrutiny it was confirmed that where standards had fallen slightly short there would be a repeated scrutiny. This would check that any points for development are being addressed including that all work is marked (one class). The CEO commented that Woodford’s books were very good.
  • There will be enchanted transition sessions for those children who need them when transferring to Heles and Plympton Academy
  • Both KS1 and KS2 have completed old SATs papers and any outstanding items from the curriculum has been picked up this term. Now we track cohorts in the future we will be able to say whether the attainment is in line year on year
  • Group activities specific to Pupil Premium children have been arranged. Children have attended ‘Maths through bubbles’ at Plymouth University and due to attend a multi-skills competition at Plympton Academy.
  • CIFs bids outcomes are due the end of March and this, if successful, will go towards the perimeter fencing/boundaries in certain areas. If unsuccessful we may have to limit the scope of the fencing to that which can be funded through devolved capital.
  • The website had been reviewed using an OFSTED checklist and a couple of areas needed to be updated/changed including data for swimming within the Sports Premium report, safeguarding information needed photographs of all those with Safeguarding Responsibilities including governor and updating latest news and PTFA sections
  • It was agreed that the whistleblowing governor would be the same person as the safeguarding governor
  • Policies reviewed where Safeguarding and Child Protection, Fire Safety Plan, Policy for Art and the Emergency Plan
  • The CEO gave a brief update of the MAT and told the governors that the governors at Woodford worked well as a group and were very conscientious.