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Welcome to the Willow class page. Here we will be sharing pictures and information so that you can see what we've been learning in school and share our adventures!
Buckland Abbey trip - 12.12.18

Spanish Armada Poetry


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As part of the Mayflower 400 celebrations, children at Woodford were recently given the chance to become published authors by writing either a story or poem based on this year's theme of 'Beyond the Horizon'. The best pieces of work will go into the 2019 Anthology of young people's writing. In Year 6, we chose to write a poem on the Spanish Armada, which linked into our Tudor learning. Have a read of the winning entries in Willow class below:


Beyond the horizon: The Spanish Armada


Beyond the horizon the Spanish souls sail,

unaware their faces will soon go pale.

Their fleet will break and their troops will shake,

all because of the daring Drake.


Phillip II had offered a marriage,

and to take Queen Elizabeth in his carriage.

She turned down his offer and love,

so he angrily threw off his glove.

He was angry that he was denied,

so that night he stamped and cried,

But little did he know he would soon be baked,

all because of the daring Drake.


To the Spanish he was a tyrant,

to the English he was a pirate.

As he stole from the Spanish,

they wanted him to vanish.

While they planned their attack,

Drake was ready to fight back.


Whilst playing bowls on the hoe,

in to sight came the Spanish foe,

Up the English Channel they came,

ready to lose and meet their shame.

Sir Francis Drake had an advantage up his sleeve,

as his ships were small and easier to weave.

He lit his ships and sent them out,

the enemy burned and scattered about.

He boldly put up the sail,

and the Spanish began to bail.


The stormy seas would do damage,

and cause a big ravage.

The Spanish muttered to themselves, “For goodness sake”,

all because of daring Drake.


“Adios Amigo,” El Draco bellowed with a grin.

For the English, it was yet another win.

Knighted by the Queen,

Sir Francis Drake – the greatest sailor ever seen.


By Kinglsey and Max



Daring Drake


Drake Drake, daring Drake,

one of the finest sailors one could ever make.


Spain was ruled by Prince Philip the second,

whom Queen Elizabeth he beckoned.

She turned him down with no heart felt,

yet he pleaded with a heart that started to melt.


The Spanish launched their ships out in the ocean,

this they thought was their secret potion.

Prince Philip said Drake was invading the Spanish,

so he set sail to England to make him vanish.


Suddenly the Spanish appeared on the horizon beyond the sea,

but Drake didn’t panic and finished his game of bowls with glee.

With worried voices, his friends said it’s time to go,

the English will not be defeated no, no, no…


As they got closer, Drake had a plan,

to set his own ships on fire as quick as they can.

The Spanish formation was scattered,

against the rocky shores the ships were battered.


What was left sailed back to Spain,

Never stepping on these shores again.

Drake laughed and jumped with joy,

Goodbye Philip and ship ahoy!


By Victoria L and Jodie B

Langage Power Station Trip - 31.10.18


Tudor Portraits


Willow Class have been painting Tudor style portraits of each other this term. They added in all sorts of interesting features (including beards in some cases!). Have a look at their fantastic finished pieces below:


Tudor Diary entries




Willow Class have enjoyed learning about the Tudors this term and Henry VIII's ruthless reign as King of England. Children have been writing diary entries from either Henry or Anne Boleyn's point of view about the day before and actual day of Anne's execution in 1536. As well as including lots of the key events that took place, they have worked really well to include a range of the key sentence skills we have been working on this term. Have a read of some examples of the children's work below:


By Cole D



By Roma B



By Kingsley B



By Jasmine O