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Congratulations to the girls in Sycamore and Chestnut classes who raised so much money today for Macmillan.  The proceeds from their bake sale and raffle totalled over £100 so well done to them.






Welcome to the new Sycamore Class. Mrs Parker and Mrs Bryan are looking forward to all of the great learning we will be doing together this year and are excited about the trips and visits we have planned for you this term. 


Next week we will be joined by the local artist Brian Pollard so watch this space for some great examples of the children's work.



Visit from local artist Brian Pollard


Children in year 5 had a great afternoon on Monday when we were joined by local artist Brian Pollard.  The children were really excited to be in the presence of a real artist and they were inspired by his ideas and style of painting.  Brian Pollard told the children how they could make their paintings simple and 'naïve' by thinking about the shape of things to paint in terms of number shapes, letter shapes and not worrying too much about the detail.   The children took real care with their work and enjoying seeing their scenes take shape.  A big thank you to Brian Pollard for giving up his time to visit us.



Here are some photographs of the afternoon

Here are some photographs of the afternoon  1
Here are some photographs of the afternoon  2
Here are some photographs of the afternoon  3
Here are some photographs of the afternoon  4
Here are some photographs of the afternoon  5
Here are some photographs of the afternoon  6

Five March to the Moors at Merrivale

This week, Sycamore class spent the day at Merrivale on Dartmoor looking at a Bronze Age site and carrying out some geography fieldwork. They then wrote a diary entry about their day.  This is what they had to say:

Dear diary

Today was a great day. It was fun-filled and jam packed with adventures and facts.

In school, we were all excited about looking at fascinating artefacts left by the stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. Arriving on the bus, we happily checked our clipboards. First, we measured roundhouses. We used trundle wheels to measure the circumference and metre sticks for the diameter.

(Kingsley B)


Even though I felt really travel sick, I was excited about the day.

Mr Johnstone showed us a stone row which me and Maddie measured with the trundle wheel. It was 300 metres long. The stone row was two rows of stones stood up opposite each other.

(Maddison D-H)

After that, we sat down and took out some maps. We did six figure grid referencing. Mr Johnstone gave us a romer and told us to find the different tors.

Then we went back on the bus and went to the visitors centre. When we went in, there was a dressing up box, make you own round house and swords, axes, bracelets and brooches.

How could today get any better?

(Cole D)


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