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Mayflower 400 Poetry Competition - 28.11.18

Congratulations to Isla who won the Mayflower 400 poetry competition for Chestnut Class.  Isla's work, along with that of Tilly and Grace F has been sent off to the organisers of the competition who are compiling an anthology of children's work.  Hopefully, the three girls will soon be published authors!!




Beyond the horizon, the Pilgrims had beliefs,

But none were the same as the old king chief.

"Let's set sail!" one said, one afternoon,

And they all agreed,

Agreed, agreed,

They finally agreed to leave on the 15th of June.


They packed their bags and said goodbye,

This was not the home where they wanted to die.

From England to America, they knew they must go,

So 400 years ago they sailed,

Sailed and sailed,

Across the seas they sailed, rocking to and fro.


Splash, splash; splash, splash!  For 66 days they sailed,

Bash, bash; bash, bash! It was tough but they did not fail.

The Mayflower did a grand job, far better than any other,

And the Pilgrims found a life,

A good life,

The pilgrims found a better life, where they would have no bother.

Ridgeway Christmas Tree Competition - 23.11.18

Today, we spent some time decorating a Christmas tree that, weather permitting, will be displayed on the Ridgeway as part of a competition being run by the council.  We decided on a theme of family and community and set about decorating the tree to celebrate these things.  For the moment, the tree is displayed in our KS2 hall should you wish to visit.


Narrative Poetry - 19.10.18

Over the last two weeks, the children have been studying The Highwayman by Alfred Noyles.  Inspired by this, this week, we wrote our own narrative poems, telling the tale of a character who had to journey home from a dangerous situation.  Having finished our poems this morning, some children were able to perform their poetry for the camera so that parents/ carers could enjoy them too.  

The Journey.wmv

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The Journey 2.wmv

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The Journey 3.wmv

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The Journey 4.wmv

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The Highwayman by Alfred Noyle - 12.10.18

In our comprehension lesson today, we looked at The Highwayman by Alfred Noyle.  We watched an animation to accompany the text which is linked below.

Brian Pollard Visit - 19.09.18

Bronze Age Dartmoor Trip - 13.09.18

We're just back from a trip to Dartmoor as we are learning about the transition from the Stone Age into the Bronze Age.  Mr Johnson (a history expert!) came with us and explained to us what sort of animals were around in pre-historic times: wild bore (pigs with tusks) elk, packs of wolves, brown bear, mammoths and sabre-tooth tiger!  At the start of this period, people ate nuts, berries and any meat that they could hunt but by the end, Iron Age people were farming and could make clothes out of animal skin, sheep's wool and leather.  They were also able to make bread as they grew crops like wheat.

We had a fantastic day and learned a lot!

By Emma B

Homework - 06.09.18


Welcome to the Chestnut class page. We hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer break.  The children certainly seem raring to go this year.


Homework in year 5 is usually given out on a Friday and will be posted on the 'Homework' page which you can access by clicking the link above.  This week, the children have been asked to cover their new homework books.  If you have any problems, please let us know.