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New Rock Band in town!

New Rock Band in town! 1

WOW! We have a new rock band in town!

Congratulations to all the children who have been rocking away on TT Rockstars and have achieved Rock Star, Rock Legend and Rock Hero badges!

Keep it up Rockers!

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We have had the most amazing World War 2 experience today. Our visitor, We have learnt so many interesting facts, for example, the government gave children a set of rules that they had to live by such as 'always smile.' Can you remember the others?

We had a go at code breaking, like Enigma. We were brilliant at this.

After lunch, we learnt about sending messages by semaphore and Morse code. We had to read and decipher a code, then dispatch our pilots with supplies to drop at a certain location - all given in code. Some times we were right and sometimes we dropped the wrong supplies in the wrong location. We could not retrieve the supplies that were dropped in the wrong location!

We also had the opportunity to handle some artefacts, some were from the 1940s and some were replicas.

What an amazing opportunity for everyone.

Well done for dressing up in World War 2 clothing. You all looked fantastic! 

A big thank you to Mr Smith who visited year 4 today to share artefacts belonging to his grandfather during WW2. 
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World War 2 Day

World War 2 Day 1
World War 2 Day 2
World War 2 Day 3
World War 2 Day 4
World War 2 Day 5
World War 2 Day 6
World War 2 Day 7
World War 2 Day 8
World War 2 Day 9
World War 2 Day 10
World War 2 Day 11
World War 2 Day 12
World War 2 Day 13
World War 2 Day 14
World War 2 Day 15
World War 2 Day 16
World War 2 Day 17
World War 2 Day 18
World War 2 Day 19
World War 2 Day 20
World War 2 Day 21
World War 2 Day 22
World War 2 Day 23


Artists 1 "I feel like a real artist!"

We have been learning about nonsense poems. We have explored many poems and found out a lot about how to write them.

We discovered that they often start with 'There once was an old...'; they always have 5 lines; they are funny; lines 1,2 and 5 rhyme and lines 3 and 4 rhyme and they have a particular number of syllables on each line.

Watch this page...we might publish some of our work next week!

We are poets!

We are poets! 1
We are poets! 2
We are poets! 3
We are poets! 4
We are poets! 5
We are poets! 6
We are poets! 7
We are poets! 8
We are poets! 9
We are poets! 10
We are poets! 11
We are poets! 12

Well done to all the Cherry children who put themselves forward as candidates for School Parliament. They were very brave and stood at the front of the class to give a speech. They were all brilliant. 

After a very close vote, Cherry chose Isla and Eddie as this year's representatives. Congratulations!


School Parliament

School Parliament  1
School Parliament  2
Welcome to the Cherry class page. Here we will be sharing pictures and information so that you can see what we've been learning in school and share our adventures!