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Year 3 - Larch

Welcome to the Larch class page. Here we will be sharing pictures and information so that you can see what we've been learning in school and share our adventures!

Welcome to Larch class!

The children have settled into life in Year 3 really well. We are so pleased with the mature way they have come into class and been engaged in their learning. This first term's topic is Rocks and Soils. The children have fully immersed themselves in the learning and have been doing lots of exciting activities.


We have been looking at the rock cycle and used Starburst sweets to represent this.

Take a look at how to re create the rock cycle with Starbursts.
We have also looked at Volcanoes and how they are formed and made our own paper volcanoes!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


We have been looking at fossils and how they are formed. Then we had a go at making our own fossils.

We stamped footprints or shell imprints into Playdoh and then poured plaster of paris on top. We have left them to go hard. Watch this space to see our finished fossils!