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Year 1 - Holly

Antarctica talk

The Holly class had a very special visitor on Wednesday. Robby, Ollie's Dad, came in to tell us all about his upcoming trip to Antarctica to work with his research team. He showed us where Antarctica was and where he would be staying. We tried on some of the clothes that he would have to wear, as it is so cold there. Robby is leaving at the beginning of December to work in Antarctica for 3 months! He is going to send us some pictures while he is there and we are also hoping to be able to call him and speak to him during his stay. We will keep you all posted on his adventures! Good luck to Robby-we hope you have a fantastic trip and the penguins don't bother you too much. 

Explorer visit

Year One -Teddy bear hospital visit 15.11.17


Year One had a very exciting workshop on Wednesday led by the Plymouth University Medical students. The children took part in lots of activities which included finding out about the skeleton, using a special machine to look at germs on the skin, learning how to washing their hands properly, finding their pulse and looking at the different equipment that a doctor uses. At the end of the session each child were able to do some first aid on their teddy that they had brought from home and the doctors wrote a prescription for the toy which included treatment like ‘lots of cuddles’ and ‘eating vegetables!’

Thank you to PCMD WAMS Medical students for an excellent learning experience for all involved.

Teddy bear hospital

Teddy bear hospital  1 What is inside the doctor's bag?
Teddy bear hospital  2 I can hear your heart beating.
Teddy bear hospital  3 Can we find your pulse?
Teddy bear hospital  4 Which part of the skeleton is this?
Teddy bear hospital  5 We loved looking at each part of the skeleton.
Teddy bear hospital  6
Teddy bear hospital  7 Can we wash our hands properly?
Teddy bear hospital  8 We found a thigh bone!
Teddy bear hospital  9 This teddy needs some treatment in the clinic.
Teddy bear hospital  10 Which bone is this?
Teddy bear hospital  11 We put a bandage on our teddy.
Teddy bear hospital  12

We remember... 11.11.2017


This week to mark Remembrance day the children have learning about the symbolism of the Poppy. We held a Remembrance assembly during which we thought about the special work of our Armed forces and the sacrifices and lives that were given in the past to keep us safe and encourage peace in the world.  We held a 2 minute silence and listened the Last Post being played. 


Mrs Mouzourous (who is a sewing expert!) taught us how to make felt poppies. We learned how to sew the fabric together using a running stitch, chose our own coloured button to make our poppy design unique, threaded a pipe cleaner for the stalk into the button and then curled it round our finger to make it 3d. A big thank you to Mrs Mouzourous for her fantastic teaching and also for making a beautiful felt canvas to display our poppies in the entrance to KS1. Mrs Beresford was extremely impressed by the children's sewing skills - they mastered the running stitch very quickly, well done everyone! 

Poppy workshop November 2017

Poppy workshop November 2017 1 Learning how to sew with Mrs Mouzourous.
Poppy workshop November 2017 2 Carefully sewing the running stitch.
Poppy workshop November 2017 3 What a beautiful felt poppy!
Poppy workshop November 2017 4 We curled the pipe cleaner to create a stalk
Poppy workshop November 2017 5 Great sewing and making.
Poppy workshop November 2017 6 Fantastic persevering with the tricky sewing.

Our beautiful felt poppies

Our beautiful felt poppies  1
Our beautiful felt poppies  2
Our beautiful felt poppies  3
Our beautiful felt poppies  4
Our beautiful felt poppies  5
Our beautiful felt poppies  6
Our beautiful felt poppies  7

Autumn is here in the Holly class! 


The Holly class have very much enjoyed learning about the Autumn season. We have been on an Autumn walk to look for signs that the season has changed. All the children could tell that the weather was getting colder and felt the Autumn breeze on their cheeks. We spotted how the leaves are changing colour and falling from the trees. We thought about how different animals are preparing for Winter by collecting seeds and nuts. Some birds are migrating to warmer places and we saw a Robin on our walk. We have collected different types of leaves and looked at their natural symmetry. By cutting a leaf in half we could experiment to see if we could sketch the other half, mirroring the shape and colour. We have created our very own hedgehogs made out of leaf collage and wrote Autumn poetry. In class we have been playing with animal toys, leaves, pine cones, conkers and acting out stories in our Autumn play tray. 

Picture 1 Great symmetrical sketching
Picture 2 We looked closely at the shape of the leaf.
Picture 3 Making leaf collage hedgehogs.
Picture 1 You did it! Good observing and sketching.

Toys from the past 


We have started our new topic which is all about 'Toys'. We have a new role play toy shop where we can sell and buy the sort of toys that we like to play with. We have also started to think about how toys were different in the past. What sort of toys did our grandparents play with? How were they different or similar to the ones we play with now? What sort of materials were the toys made from? Who played with the toys and where? 

These are all good questions to talk about at home. 

Our new toy shop role-play

Our new toy shop role-play 1 We are the shopkeepers. How can we help you?

ICT in the Holly class. We can program an object to move!

ICT in the Holly class.     We can program an object to move!  1 Can we program the bee?
ICT in the Holly class.     We can program an object to move!  2 Will the bee need to turn left or right?
ICT in the Holly class.     We can program an object to move!  3 Using forward commands to move the bee.

Amazing adjectives! 


After learning the story 'Peace at Last' we then began to think about how we could describe characters using adjectives. We took it in turns to be 'Mr Bear' and said how we felt. We also thought about how Mr Bear looked. We collected a bank of great adjectives to describe Mr Bear and then wrote some describing sentences. Holly class have also been learning how to use 'and' and 'because' as joining words in our sentences to give the reader more information. We hope you enjoy reading our great sentences below... 


Mr Bear was annoyed that he couldn't sleep. He was feeling tired. Mr Bear has a black nose and a dripping nose.     By Mia.


Mr Bear was tired and grumpy. Mr Bear was sad because he didn't get to sleep. He was very unhappy and very sleepy. Mr Bear has a wet nose and furry ears.  By Joshua.


Mr Bear is tired and he has a beautiful dressing gown. He has pink eyes and is wearing stripy pyjamas. He has a grumpy face because Mrs Bear was snoring. He was really grumpy.   By Esmee. 


Great writing Holly class! 



Peace at Last by Jill Murphy 


In our English work we have been reading 'Peace at Last' which is written by our Author of the half term 'Jill Murphy'.

Holly class have really enjoyed finding out about what kept Mr Bear awake all night and they are all able to confidently tell the story using their own actions. 

In Maths we have been learning Number bonds to 10. We have been finding the different bonds using cubes and learning rhymes to help us remember the pairs of numbers. A good game to play at home to add numbers to ten is to use dominoes. Can you find 2 dominoes to make a square which adds up to 10? 

We can make 10!

We can make 10!  1 I can make 10
We can make 10!  2 I am learning number bonds quickly!
We can make 10!  3 I can make 10 in lots of different ways
We can make 10!  4 Investigating two dominoes that add to 10

Colour mixing

Colour mixing  1 What does red and blue make?
Colour mixing  2 Working and observing together.

Marvellous map making! 


Last week in our Geography learning we read a story about Little Red Riding hood and the route she followed to go to her Grandma's house. We memorised the route and thought about all the symbols we could use for each part e.g. the bridge, the woods and roads. We drew our own maps using symbols and a clear order for Little Red to follow. Holly class produced some fantastic maps. Some children then decided that they would like to make a 3d model of the route and some asked for BIG pieces of paper to make collaborative maps with each other. Fantastic mapping Holly class! 



Marvellous Map making

Marvellous Map making 1
Marvellous Map making 2

Year One Parent Meeting 13.9.17

Please find below our Autumn term leaflet and the powerpoint we showed at our Year 1 parent meeting on Wednesday.

Another busy week of learning in the Holly class.
We have had a great week of learning. The children have been learning what a sentence is and have been thinking what is needed in their 'Sentence toolkit'. They have written some excellent sentences about what they like to do at home; remembering to count the words needed for their sentence, a capital letter and a full stop. In our spelling work we have been learning what a syllable is and counting the syllables we can hear in words. Maths has been very exciting with lots of estimating and subitising (reading a number from a pattern without having to count it.) The Holly class have had a chance to look at the Abacus Maths site and play their first game. The children have brought home a bookmark with their own personal login which they can use to access their learning space at home. New games will be added every Friday.
Picture 1 Estimating how many objects will fit in a matchbox
Picture 2 We are subitising!
Picture 3 Rolling a dice to subitise
Picture 4 Subitising with different dominoes
Picture 5 A great sentence!
Picture 6 Sentence expert
Picture 7 I can use my sentence toolkit
Picture 8 Challenge! Can you build your own hospital
Picture 9 Hospital role play
Picture 10 Can you design your own playdough face?
Picture 11 Listening to the syllables in words and sorting
Picture 12 We can count the different syllables in words

Welcome to Year One - September 2017

We would like to give a warm welcome to the new Holly class. The children have had a wonderful first week in Year One. They have been coming into class confidently and enthusiastically. We have been really impressed with how quickly they have settled into their daily routines and how independent everyone has been; well done Holly class!  The children have enjoyed exploring their new classroom and finding out about Year One.


The class have made an excellent start to their learning. We have been writing numbers in Maths and writing sentences about our Summer holidays in our English work. We have thought about what we would like to achieve in Year One and wrote a wish on a magic, genie lamp.  We have been thinking about our school rules of respect and made a 'Respect headband' to show what respect looks like in school. Our topic this half term is 'Marvellous Me', during which we will be learning all about our senses. Some of the Holly class have started to play and enjoy their 'Hospital' role play area. 


We look forward to meeting Holly Parents on Wednesday 13th September at the Year 1 Parents Meeting from 4-5pm.        Mrs Beresford & Mrs Jenkins.

Our first week in Year One

Our first week in Year One  1 Practising our numbers in the sand trays
Our first week in Year One  2 We can write numbers from 0-10
Our first week in Year One  3 Can you guess which number is missing?
Our first week in Year One  4 Respect headbands
Our first week in Year One  5 Thinking about our 3 school rules of respect
Our first week in Year One  6 Respect headband
Our first week in Year One  7 A doctor is ready to see his patients
Our first week in Year One  8 Hospital role play